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About school and my calling.

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The Lord recently revealed to me in a dream that I need to go to college. He (after interpretation) told me that I'm hiding behind my mental illness and need to address the issue and change. The main place I'm using it to hide is in work and school. I have PTSD from high school bullying and am afraid of people to an unhealthy degree. But I have meds that make things much easier and He is telling me it's time to progress in life and move past my issues. So I wanted to ask for prayer for 1) strength over my fears, 2) clarity over confusion in what I should work towards, and 3) God's guidance as to what career I should persue. I have a strong desire to open a business, a Christian coffee shop with good coffee and healthy smoothies and books and music too. I also, as a Christian goth, have a strong burden on my heart about legalism and today's youth and youth cultures. So I thought I could put the two together in a way. I ask of you, pray that I may find out if this is God's will. I ask for prayer for grace and open doors, and dream guidance as well.

Thank you


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Hey Tony,

I'd like to pray for you.

Holy Spirit, I humbly ask you to come. I invite your presence into this forum.

I pray God that you would touch Tony's life. I ask God that you would take these fears away that are debilitating Tony's life in any way. I pray God that you bring clarity to Tony about the direction you want Tony to go careerwise. I plead the blood of Jesus over Tony and Tony's house and ask God that you give an overwhelming sense of peace to Tony. That peace that you freely give that passes all understanding you say in your Word. I command any evil or negative thing to leave Tony alone right now in Jesus' name. I command the spirit of abuse and the spirit of fear to get out of Tony right now in Jesus' name and I bind satan from his bondage and bands he has on Tony. Be healed Tony in Jesus' name. Praise God. Amen.

God bless you Tony.

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