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Electric Shock - Heard a Voice 3X's

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Wasn't sure where to post this, so I just figured I'd ask this question here. thumbs

Ok, we all or at least most of us have heard of Sleep Paralysis and I'm sure most of us read about this on Mia's main webpage, so my question is along this line of "sleep phenomenon's".

For most of my life I have what felt like a quick (prob less than a second) electrical shock or a zap in my brain as I'm falling asleep. Thought no biggie, it just happens here and there, then go long periods w/o anything. As I did some research on the brain zaps (electrical shocks) it appears to be fairly common, my mom has these two - we are both healthy & on no meds. However in the last week or so I have had a few of these brain zap/shocks and will hear a voice, it's almost like when you try to tune in a radio station and it's fuzzy and quickly goes out. The first one I heard I could tell it was a man talking to I think his son, I think he was discipling him but not in a bad way - it was quick like less than a second, I don't remember what was said, but that was the thought I had after I heard this, but the same time I heard it I was shocked and like what and that's how I think it ended like I interrupted it w/my :huh: , course I was praying to God before and after this, the second time I heard a women say "absolutely" it was clear but came w/the the shock/zap and still like tuning in a radio, again I was like what? The last one I had was the other day and I heard "brother" I think that was said, but that was more a whisper, and that one freaked me out. These happen when I'm probably starting to fall asleep. I do my heaviest praying/talking to God at night, it's usually two hrs or so and eventually I nod off after a couple hours, so I've already done the prayer of protection, my head, dreams, house etc. , everything really I got the bases covered, repenting, and usually finish in praising God.

I'm a bit confused what's going on, so I was doing some research and of course science has some theories, but this hearing voices and zaps is included in the same theory of sleep paralysis, and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or knowledge on this. I wanted to make sure I included when I hear this and it just started so you understand that I'm doing my praying part. Also, I would say I have stepped it up several notches in my walk w/God so I realize personally I'm getting closer to Him, and I'm very careful not to open doors. So do we think we should chalk this up to science or is there more to it like the sleep paralysis? Oh, and yes I clearly hear it in my head, not like it's in my ear, it totally in my head, and as a side note I also felt a whoosh come through like a puff a air, my hair didn't blow but it it felt like it could have, that was on my right side, and that happened the same night I heard the last voice I think said "brother", but happened well before I heard "brother" and I was praying before it happened, and I was wide awake, and then was praying to God about the whoosh air after, and later that night is when I heard "brother".

I have prayed about this and of course was praying to God on this since the first one, the first and second one didn't bother me, but the third one did scare me. The whoosh of air didn't scare me, but I was like "what was that" what

Sorry my posts are always long, I just want to be a specific as possible so you can understand what I'm saying and asking.

I appreciate all responses!

God Bless you and thank you! Flower Power

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Two possible explanations:

1. I know that some people have stated that as soon as they are going to bed they hear voices. I was reading that this is actually normal where the brain is shutting down in the night and as a result of that you hear voices.

However I am not sure if that is the case with you since you felt a wind near you when you heard the voices.

Perhaps you can try and change your sleeping pattern and see if it helps. Perhaps if you are able to try going to bed earlier, try not to eat or drink shortly before you go to bed. Ensure that you sleep with the lights off. See if this helps somewhat.

I will try and find some articles about what you may be experiencing.

2. You may be hearing actual coversations whereby God has increased your hearing so you can hear conversations taking place even if they are far away.

Pray about this and ask God to explain to you what is happening, if I think of anything else I will let you know.

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Thanks butterfly, actually I did find a lot of information on this. And I read too this can be normal when falling asleep etc. like you said. But they have the same type of explanation to Sleep Paralysis, that's what maybe me think about this a bit more. My first thought after the first one was maybe I was hearing a conversation, that God let me hear. But I'm not sure of that either. The wind only happened w/the last voice.

Thank you so much for responding, was just wanting some more input from Godly people what they thought on this. Your so wonderful to share your thoughts w/me. Thank you Thank you!

God Bless!

Always open to hear what anyone else has to say! Flower Power

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Guest Guest
Bless Be the Lord.
I have the same experiences.
All I have learned these are things the spirit Communicated to us .
Interceeding and with supplications beyond our understanding.
Working our way to salvation by the mercy of the Lord.
Something is up..the Spiritual order will be align with the physical realm.
Expect a major breakthrought ,I know I am
May the Lord Bless You and Keep You.

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Tell me this....my five year old daughter has been coming up to me for the past 2 months saying that she feels shocking in her body. The first time it was totally an attack and she was on the couch crying loudly. After that, she will just come up to me calmly and say "mama I feel a shocking thing" with no crying. I usually just pray because the first time the association was so bad. Could this be something that you guys are talking about? This is usually during the day though and not at night. I have chalked it up to her having a strong discernment gift, but I don't know.

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Sunshine, mine are in my head and it doesn't hurt at all, it's probably only like a second, literally & it's not all the time just here and there then gone for a long time. And I really don't know what mine is, that's what prompted me to ask the question. When I was searching for info on-line I found most my information under "brain zaps", a lot of them where message boards. But it appears a significant amount of people experience this and the science community seems to be baffled by it. Most doc's have no clue what their pt. is talking about. But there is some theories out there. Which is along the line of sleep paralysis. I couldn't find any Christian sites w/this information. What I did find is the people who experienced the "brain zaps" or electrical shocks in the brain either had exactly like me (but no voices) all have had them a long time, and it's at night only when they are falling asleep. The other large group of these people that experience this where on some form of antidepressant medication, it's SSRI, a withdrawal syndrome from the meds. I was never on any of these ever either, and I assume your daughter isn't. Then the rest seemed to have a real medical issue, those did seem to feel the shock elsewhere in there bodies, some said it was painful, and of those some found they had epilepsy. Now I'm not saying there is anything wrong w/your daughter at all. But I just wanted to share the information that I found on this, and it limited information. I'm know you have already prayed about this, but I also don't think it would hurt to take her to the doc just to make sure it's not anything neurological, but that's only my opinion.

I took MB exp. to be similar to mine, either at night or when in deep prayer. But I may be wrong. With that said, and her age I would find it unusual as this to be her gift (but I could be wrong), coupled w/the first exp, and you praying I would still continue to pray for her and ask God for direction and clarity. If when it happens you feel the need to pray or are very concerned I would take that as the Lord letting you know something isn't right, and take her for a checkup.

These are only my opinions, but if there's more here, God will heal her, but sometimes he has us go to the Doc to find out so he can get the Glory of that healing.

Again, these are only my thoughts, I may be wrong - I'm a mom too, and understand your concern. I will pray for you and your daughter. But please pray on what I said as these are only my thoughts.

God Bless you!

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MB - Thanks, it's good to hear from someone experiencing the same thing. Has the Lord given you any clarity on this?

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Guest Guest
I never had nothing like this before I meet Jesus.
All I have learned is what he told me one time.
Walking in the spirit.
The flesh is always weak but the spirit is always ready.
I know for a fact that all the prayers warriors I have found in my life had the same simptoms.
Even the Doctors could never explained this.
I am very healthy. But this is something I can not explain very well only Know this happens before a great revelation or breakthrought..is like getting equipped for something.
Particulary I have found this more common praying at 3:00A.M
or at midgnight.
it is not lack of sleep or depravation of it. I do get 8 hrs sleep.
But there is point in my prayer when I feel I am in another realm.
This things might sound crazy..but God knows is true..in my seeking quest for the Lord this is what i got.
I know I am not the only one.
I never had mental problems..I started recording these manifestations after praying to receive the Holy Spirit and with discipline I have a made the prayer life a common thing.
When I feel the paralysis I know in my own experience
Is the Lord setting me up for battle.
The war happened sometimes in the spiritual realm ...before you see the manifestation in real.
If not starts tracking all the events and you will see.
little by little you will be tuning your abilities and will have discernment in the spirit to differenciate when a spirit is evil or not.
when I am in that state..that happened to me very early in my christian walk. At the beggining I did not understand it.. But the struggle in between flesh and spirit is real.

You are called to interceed. The prayer of the righteous availeth much!
Remember that. Different gifts to different people.
Try the intercession in your prayer and you will see amazing results.
if you tune you will feel the Holy Spirit waken you up in the middle of the night for not reason just to pray.
There are different realms in the spiritual war..and we are called to battle in there against the powers of darkness.
All the events in your life from the enemy were design to never allow you to see who you really were in Jesus Christ.
Now that you are beign called, Raise up!
The Lord,your family,friends and other need of your prayers now more than ever.

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