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  1. Tell me this....my five year old daughter has been coming up to me for the past 2 months saying that she feels shocking in her body. The first time it was totally an attack and she was on the couch crying loudly. After that, she will just come up to me calmly and say "mama I feel a shocking thing" with no crying. I usually just pray because the first time the association was so bad. Could this be something that you guys are talking about? This is usually during the day though and not at night. I have chalked it up to her having a strong discernment gift, but I don't know.
  2. My first time seeing this thread. Yup, I have not gotten involved in those conversations. I feel a need to "hold myself back" because honestly I can't tell whether any words will fall on fertile ground. I have been unsure since the beginning and each new thing kind of confirms that I'm supposed to stay out of it. Good for you for saying what you feel but I have a feeling that there is more to this than any one of us can confront or do. Whatever it is at work is BIG and in my opinion needs hands on ministry.
  3. oh wow, that's so cool! Now it makes a little more sense. If this guy only knew....whew! I can't wait to be updated on things from here out. That goes for you too, Cholette! God's going to do some amazing stuff!
  4. Hislightbeam, was the man in the dream that you married the one that you had dated before or was this the one on the bus? I was a little confused as to which one this guy was.
  5. Virtuous, ok good. I wanted you to really hear what I was saying and my heart behind it. I do believe with my whole heart that my husband and I will be in ministry together in the future. THAT is one of HIs promises to me! I guess I was just trying to show a different scenario where the husband and wife don't just start off in ministry right from the start but have to go through trials and training just to get to the point where they can minister together. I know we will be in the future, I just don't know how far in the future. But that's ok. Like I said, through the past trial I have grown so much closer and more intimate with Jesus that I can look at all the pain and tears and hurt and count it all joy because of the love and relationship that I found with Him. :)
  6. Virtuous, ok thanks. I wasn't trying to personally make a statement about you I guess I was just say "christians" in general. I guess I am just really thrown off by the concept of changing ministries or missing ministries because what my marriage has been about has not been about ministry at all. I am actually just stepping into ministry right now for really the first time but it's something that just involves me, doesn't involve my husband. I guess I come from a place where I believe that I am responsible for my relationship with God. The person I married was very much on fire for God when we married and then in the past few years has gone through times of wondering what he really believes and not living a righteous lifestyle at all. So, no matter what choices he was making I was still responsible to do what God had put before "me" to do. Just because you're married, and even married to the right person, doesn't always mean that you're going to have a partner in everything you do for/in God. It blows my mind. I never could have imagined when we met/got married that life would be like this. But, I have not doubted that God put us together. Even though our life didn't exactly play out as I thought it would I know that this was God's person for me. Sometimes when life is really hard like that that's when true faithfulness is tested and tried. Things have calmed down and are a bit better now, but I'm still pretty much on my own when it comes to being excited about God. And you know what, God knew that from the beginning, that that was going to happen. Do I believe it will stay that way? No. But loving someone means loving them through every part of their life and sometimes is looks "picture perfect" and sometimes it just doesn't. All I know is that God is faithful and He will never break His promises to me. Even in the darkest of times I never doubted His love and faithfulness towards me. And that's priceless.
  7. OK, I feel a need to tell my parent's story here. Maybe this will help. My mom started dating my to-be stepdad when I was 4. He was unsaved and she was backslidden. They got married when I was 5 and soon after my step dad decided to start attending church. He had not been in church since he was 17 and he was probably 32 at the time. He ended up getting saved soon after and my mom my renewed her relationship with the Lord. From that time ON they both served the Lord until the day he died in 2002. They were pastors and missionaries in their life and lived full heartedly for the Lord. What I think is that sometimes as Christians we lose our grasp on how the Lord intervenes in the lives of those who aren't saved yet or aren't living for Him. Like we think we're the only ones whose lives He has a say in. I believe that God is at work in every person's life on earth trying to guide them into relationship with Him. Does the fact that my parents weren't living for Him when they got married mean that they have to get divorced to make sure they got the "right one"?? I don't think so. What really matters is that they had a pure love for each other and then once they got saved that love became stronger because they had Jesus in their love. I hate to say it, but I think we can really over complicate things sometimes. I think if you are married to a physically abusive or verbally abusive man then those are the times that yes, you need to consider a way to get out and protect yourself. I don't believe in wives being martyrs by keeping themselves in abusive relationships. That said, I think that God's word is true and that when He says that He will cause ALL things to work together for good then He means it.
  8. Hey, you're welcome Cholette! I love it, it just puts it all in perspective
  9. Cast all your cares on Him because He cares for you!! You may feel anxious, but God's word is true. You are his sheep and He is the shepherd and His sheep know His voice. Meditate on the truth and I bet you anything all the worry will begin to fade.
  10. Virtuous.... My heart reaches out for you as I read these posts. I feel like the dream that you had of almost marrying the wrong man could be from some things you are worried about rather than a warning from God. Let me just say one thing. In MY experience the people who are sooo concerned about doing God's will are NOT going to miss it! The fact that you are so concious of it means to me that you are going to seek God on it fervently. I love this quote and I think it will minister to you to. "We need to believe that God's goodness to guide us is bigger than the devil's ability to deceive us." So, don't be anxious. Begin thanking God that He is going to lead you to the right one ahead of time!! Get that complete trust and dependence on Him deep in your heart. Philippians 4:6-7 When you let your requests be made known to God and then thank Him for what He is going to do that is what brings the peace that passes understanding! Don't pray for Him to make it clear to you and then worry whether He will do it or not. I PROMISE He is big enough to do it! He is a big God! Just rest in Him and trust in His ability to guide you and you will be right in the center of His will!
  11. Virtuous, thanks. I believe that too. It's something that just needs to happen. I can't wait to hear of other's testimonies and to have my own. :cute:
  12. Virtuous...Well, it wasn't a concious thing. It;s like I was praying and I was just repeating the words that I would hear as I was praying and I would hear this name. AFter a while every time this same name would come up, I would hear it but I would never say it because I didn't know if I was hearing God or not. I was in fact hearing God, we have been married 10 years.
  13. I spent a summer interceding. I was in between schools and didn't find a summer job so I interceded, that was kind of my "job". Even though it didn't feel hard. I prayed for my husband that summer. As I began to pray day after day I would try to say the name "Brian" instead of "my husband" or whatever. I never did actually say that name because of course I had no idea if that was his name or not. Like I said, I was in a transitional place where I didn't have any roots and didn't know anyone my age at my parent's church. God had also promised me a trip to California (I had only ever lived in North Carolina) by the next year. I never had a dream of a future spouse. Fast forward about 6 months and I"m at school of ministry and a I notice that I"m worshipping beside a certain guy at a conference two nights in a row. This is a MorningStar conference so it's HUGE....you have a slim chance of being beside the same person up front randomly two nights in a row. He caught my eye, thought he was very cute but out of my league. It just so happens that I am in the same class as this guy. I had never noticed him until that conference. He comes up to me at break in school three weeks later and makes small talk with me. I was very shy and had no friends at the school so he had to approach me to talk to me. We had to go back to class so I asked him very hurriedly where he was from. He said "CAlifornia" and by the way, my name is Brian. I went back to my seat and cried. I knew I had just met my husband. Did he know I was going to be his wife when he came and talked to me? No. It was a different process for him because we all have a different walk with God. I'm going to tell you something else....we have had a very hard marriage. Even if God puts you together people still make their own choices. People will always let you down but God is the only one who stays closer than a brother. Just keep that in mind. People are still human.....only God is perfect.
  14. yeah, pray about it. Sometimes ties to people aren't always Godly ties. Could just be a soul thing.
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