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  1. I thought I would throw this out there, while I'm searching for a new church myself I looked several of the churches by me up on-line, couple of them had their sermon on-line to watch - it wasn't live, it was all their past sermon's to current date. No I'm not saying this is the only way to determine to go visit that church, but it give you a look at the church, the sermon (what they preach) ahead of time to see if they are indeed on track. If you have time and see some churches on-line you can check out the sermon and if it's still good there check the church out in person. It's just another way to get ahead of the game not have to wait for Sunday to come before you check the church out.
  2. MB, It's like Cholette said, the Forums or Forumotion is what this site is through & it's free. Apparently do to some issues as a treat to the groups they disabled the ads for a time, but as of Oct. 30 the ads are now back. However I noticed that once I'm logged in the ads no longer appear. Hope this helps!
  3. Praise God - what a lovely testimony! Congratulations on your beautiful baby!
  4. Glad I can be of some service!
  5. Help Forum responded to my post regarding our issues: Ok, for Avatars to appear we must all individually reupload or pick a new Avatar. I posted this info in the NEWS section. As far as the emoticons, those to have to be reuploaded but can only be done by the sites owner. I'll email the moderators hopefully they can get intouch w/Mia. FYI: the three emoticons that appear are default ones, that's why we can still use them.
  6. There was an update/maintenance done that affected all the sites, one of the things affected was the Avatar's, in order to have your Avatar show on the site you must reupload your picture or pick a new one for your Avatar. PS, still working on the issue of e Emoticons, will post when I have response. God Bless!
  7. I posted this issue to the Help Site, and they said we have to reupload them. So from that response I get reuploading our Avatars, which apparently we would all have to individually, but I have no clue about the emoticons as I thought that was a site thing, I asked him how to do that - but I'm wondering if the forum owner (Mia) has to do that as we don't have access to modify this site. I'll see what the response is.
  8. Thanks for posting this, I didn't see it but mine haven't been working either and thought it was my PC too! PS, only three of mine work:
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