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jittery mom here ? about witch

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I posted a ? on a pregnancy site about my contractions and a person responded said "you are not in labor now but will go into labor naturally when you are ready."
I read the persons profile and they identify themselves as a witch.
A bit scary. This made me nervous.
Asking for God's protection!

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There is NOTHING any witch or demon in hell can do to you because you are a child of God. You are hidden under the shadow of the almighty God so rest in that. No weapon formed against you will ever prosper and EVERY evil tongue that has risen against you in judgement will be refuted because that is YOUR inheritence in Christ Jesus!!!!

Don't let you "pregnancy" nerves get up in a knot right now. It's normal to be tentative about everything in your final days of pregnancy. Stay as relaxed as you can BlueSkies...God has you!

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Guest Guest
Remember fear is the door for a satanic attack.
Do not Fear Obey the Lord. I know all is going to be good with you.
Rest in the Lord. No weapon formed against you shall prosper.
You are in many of our prayers.
But do not fear ,the enemy does not know how to enter ,he is like a lion roaring to see who he can devour.
If you trust God to raised up from the death and give you eternal life.
Trust him now.
He gave Jesus his, son for you. What do you think is harder to do?
Your salvation or your labor?
Fear is mention in the bible for the first time after Adam and Eve sinned against God..when they doubt the word of the Lord fear entered their hearts.
That is the importance of God's remark about this word. Do not fear
Jesus defeat the devil in calvary.
There is no power in him unless you believe his lies.
They are more afraid of you than you think.
May the Lord Bless You and keep you.
You will have a normal baby and a safe labor.
God watch over his childrens.
Jehovah of the Armies.

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You will not fear because satan (the big fat ugly creep) was defeated at the cross! He is just trying to be something he is not. He is under your feet.....claim it and proclaim it in Jesus name!

Love in Jesus,


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