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Linda Irish


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Ok so its 7 in the morning and I can smell the coffee brewing…mmmm. Usually Peter my husband will bring me in a cup and set it by the side of the bed, but on this day, he laid back down for a few minutes….the smell was divine…mmmm.. I had been laying in bed thinking about God stuff going on in my life and thinking about the God stuff going on in this world…it was so great, a cozy bed, an hour before I had to get up and a good rich cup of fresh brewed coffee to go with it….So I popped up out of bed and headed for the kitchen for my coffee.

When I got back to my bedside however the whole thing changed as I hadn’t turned on my bedside light yet…I thought that I could see ok but as I set the coffee down there was crash as it spilled all over my marble table and banged its way down the side ot the table in between the bed, and table and onto the white carpet and books and papers piled on the floor….

My husband woke up with loud words coming from his mouth, that we won’t discuss right now…but as I rushed to get the towel, cold water and soap….I remembered what to do…”Remember, Peter, what we are going to do every time that the enemy tries to mess with us?…..we pray earnestly for three more people that we might not otherwise have prayed for, we pray for their salvation.

So as I was scrubbing, together my husband and I prayed earnestly together for three more people to be born again into the Kingdom…

I should spill my coffee every morning. Amen

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