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Linda Irish

A Must For Single Women

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For Single Women

Yeah. …that’s the chief (past tense) unspoken motive of my heart that left the doors of the Holy Temple open to destruction, and horror in my life. I am sharing because I love my sisters.

This is an expose’ on the trap the enemy sets for unsuspecting single women, often vulnerable, pain filled and or broken and or abandoned women- many are mothers…one of our highest callings…these are my sisters in Christ Jesus

Satan sets….a trap to destroy our life, and our children’s life, and satan searches for every opportunity to draw us away from our source of life…the living God of us the Father of Light. Satan wants to invalidate our Christian witness to the world in any way that he can.

When Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden…(which by the way they didn’t do anything that we’ve never done…right)?…… right. So when they sinned in the garden and decided that they didn’t want to do what God wanted them to do…..(namely to believe him…which is to obey Him) all of mankind inherited a curse.

The curse on Eve, to the woman He said I will greatly multiply your pain in child bearing, in pain you shall bring for th children, yet your desire shall be for your husband and he shall rule over you. What exactly does that mean? Hold that thought.

Now the curse on Adam because you have listened to the of your wife and because you have eaten of the tree of which I have warned you -you shall not ear of it- cursed is the ground because of you, in toil you shall eat of it all the days of your life. Thorns and thistles it shall bring forth and you shall eat of the plants of the field . In the sweat of your face you shall eat bread. Til you return to the ground . For out of it you were taken You are dust…..and to dust you shall return.
Genesis 3: 16 through 19

So a woman who marries a man…You have a strong feeling that you cannot live without your man…Your desire shall be for you husband , takes root in your life. Also…He shall rule over you.

What happens when the wife, that has a strong desire that shall be for her husband…..

no longer has a husband.? She still has a strong desire for her husband, God basically says, that in spite of the pain your desire shall be for your husband. A woman who no longer has a husband, still may have an emptiness that she longs to fill. Her husband may not be there but the longing for her husband does not all go away just because the man is gone. She lives with the agony of this desire for her husband, her man.

Not only does she have this, but If the man in her life is no longer in her life there is an emotional and spiritual impact….usually there is mourning, or anger, (which anger is truly Pain incognito) there is processing and searching….the woman….who’s longing was for her husband…(the man) now is very vulnerable and the man is no longer there to minister to her. She no longer has security in her relationship her marriage….she is like the long grasses in the fields, blowing about in the wind.

How many woman have been in this place with a longing to feel whole…To feel “one” again (as the two flesh become one)
I was there…it was a painful and scary place . I didn’t understand it all at the time…but now I know…

holy daughters of the Living God need to seek refuge under the wings of Jesus….they need to be set aside for Jesus…They are not to search for this longing to be fulfilled by a man. Jesus must heal and restore before God directs you to a man.

You are not to be with any man as a husband, in a way set apart for marriage…never. It is a dangerous and unholy thing…

The enemy wants to bait you to come into a unholy union by filling that longing with the counterfeit….in that way the doors to satan are open night and day to the enemy…who comes to kill and destroy. Ah we are so weak and vulnerable…we don’t want to hear “NO” from the Father of us…we don’t want to hear “Come out from among them” from the Father of us. No we do not want this. We want the familiar spirit of the desire for our husband to be fulfilled and to feel whole again.


We ignore that “love” is not marriage….By doing so we step into the torture chamber of demonic enmities and moreover….we prop the door open to the ugliness of Hell to welcome them into our humble abode……….THE TEMPLE OF THE LIVING GOD……so that we, can partake of the fruit that God has commanded us to stay away from

We ignore Gods direction for our life …we make provision for the sin….We are partners in crime so that satan not only has access to bring pain and destruction to us but to our beautiful innocent children as well….

All because it is hard to walk without the husband….it is hard to live with this longing that we have to be with a man to make us feel whole.

Now I will tell you what this sin has cost me, that I pray the reader will glean Holy knowledge from…..

I was a young Christian woman who made provision for sin…which left the door to the enemy open.

Some of my children were raped.
I was physically and emotionally abused
I had several nervous breakdowns and was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder
I could not cry a tear for ten years
Two of my children tried to commit suicide
And the list goes on….but the most horrible of all is that all of this, all of this was directly related to the fact that:

I chose to sleep with a man and or live as man and wife with a man who was not my husband. This choice to sin left doors open to the enemy to come in rape and plunder my little family that I loved.

Do not entertain the thought, that sharing a bed with a man you love (but are not married to, is a little thing) this is not a little thing… do not make the provision for sin, do not be a partner in crime with satan to invite him into the Temple of God and rape and destroy all that God has for you….do not leave your little ones unprotected for hobnobbing with the enemy….

Wisdom cries out in the streets and no one listens…LISTEN

Please believe me sisters in Christ…it is not worth it….When I realized what was going on it was still hard and I fell, but the lover of my soul , Jesus Christ of Nazareth, was there to receive me…praise God.

I am forgiven I am blessed my children are being blessed and I am in a good and alive place in my life. I am in the light. My lessons came hard…but my love for my God is huge because of how lost I was and how I am now so grateful to be home in my fathers arms.

This is a song I want to share…found it in a 100 year old hymnal

Come Back to Me

Come back to me with all your heart, don’t let sin keep us apart
The trees may bend though straight and tall, so must we, to others call…

Long have I waited for your coming home to me
And living deeply our new life

And you will sleep, secure in peace
Faithfulness shall be your joy…long have I waited for your coming
Home to me, and living deeply
Our new life

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WOW!!!! I needed that so!!! I am going to read and re-read this over and over. Thank You Jesus for knowing that I needed to know this

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Linda, that was me before I was ever married. I was seduced by my boyfriend in highschool and we had a ...relationship for 3 years.
I have never physically cheated on my husband but have looked at other men and had relationships that my husband thought I was cheating but I wasn't. God considers looking at other people with lust is cheating. Frankly I wasn't attracted to my husband for many years and even when I married him. I would wish that my husband looked like those other men and even looked like my ex...

I've since by the grace of God nipped that. I've been breaking curses and confessing my sins and parents and ancestral sins. My husband is deployed for a year and I am abstaining from any "self pleasing" (I hate saying that stuff) which will be the longest time in my entire life but I feel it is necessary for some reason to break the curses that have been put onto me by my guardian and my ex-bf.
If anyone has any thoughts on this I'm all ears.

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