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Linda Irish

moral courage

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Spiritual boldness to step out in Gods truth for us in spite of the waves. Just a little thought for the day was on my heart when i woke up this morning.

Moral courage is what we all must have in abundance...The world will know we are christians by our love but we must have moral courage or the ones who watch us can be tripped up and we are responsible for what we say...just as we are responsible for what we don't say.

It was uncomfortable for my 23 year old daughter to talk to her father in law about being offended when he claims that religion is for weaklings...but God empowered her, though she is a shy and quiet private girl she shared with me that she knew in spite of her emotions she MUST stand for Christ. and she did.

In our world we are daily expected to tolerate not just sin, as sin, but to embrace the thought of sin and celebrate that all are sinning. We cannot close our eyes and we cannot remain silent.

I am not saying to offend, I am saying in the Holy Spirit when the opportunity arises we must not pass it up. No, we must have moral courage to address the lost, regardless of the waves......

A little neighborhood girl who was cognitively disabled adopted our family...because she was lonely from haveing alchoholic parents. We took her to church with us...and she became friends of the family. Over the years she grew up and moved away and began a new life in the gay community. When she she came back to me one day to ask if she was going to heaven....we had a long talk. She was choosing Sin over God and making provision for that sin. This separated her from God and was a choice that God warns us about in the Bible.....Christ died for all our sins, but i would not let her leave with peace about choosing sin.. I told her I loved her but she needed to choose God and not sin. This was one of the hardest things I'd ever done as she has no family. We prayed together for moral courage to do what is pleasing to 'God, for my friend to be cut to the heart and confess her sins to God.......she did not choose to do it then. and i watched her drive away.

I have compassion for her and still praying for her........and this makes me even more aware of how good God is and how thankful I am for the presence of my Father in my life . he is not an absent Father ...He is a Father who is there for me in all I do.....as long as I walk in His ways.....Praise God. Please feel free to add your thoughts to this thread.....I want to know more...

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another thought....This reminded me of the young man who came to Jesus and said (paraphrased) that he'd done all that he knew to do to Go to heaven and what else was there to do? When Jesus told him the only thing now for him to do was to go home and sell all that he had and follow Him...the young man was sad...because his wealth was great..... how hard it is for those who trust in riches to enter the Kingdom of God
mathew 19-15-26
mark 10 17-27
luke 18-18-27

..for so many of us, there is that one thing in the way of being abandoned to Christ...let it not be ...let us search our heart and have moral courage to address ourselves to pull the thorn out........NOW.....we are in these end times NOW......Dear God help us.

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