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Thank you Lord for Free Groceries!!

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Good evening!! The Lord is Good ...God Bless me with free Groceries!! My sister in law took me to shopping and she allowed me to pick up anything I want.. I did not have any groceries in my house....and I had enough money to get a few groceries...So now I have enough to last for a very long time ... Total came up to 167.00 for food...Now thats a lot of food for a single person...I am talking good food...salmon. talpia shrimp...anyone wants dinner ...Also this is a special moment because I was so against cooking and because I was so burned from my x husband cooking so much and Basically just did not want to cook,. Now I can say I am ready to cook. Today makes 4 yrs I been divorced and I am glad its over..I learned alot...Waiting for mr special...

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