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Hellooo all!

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Hello everyone, I haven't been on line for awhile and I see some new dreamers here. Lol
As I wrote in my intro a few months back, my husband's work takes us from project to project all over the place in different cities.
We just re-settled a few days ago, and I am getting caught up with my internet stuff. I have a lot of reading to do here on Mia Sherwood's site, amazing
how much God has to show us! I have been going through a dry spell in my dreams, but more so, just not remembering them. I did get a
word the other day, and promptly thought to share it here. It is under corporate words. Hope every one is doing good, I'm sure there are a few of you I'm going to e-mail, as I would be interested on what God has been doing with you, since you shared some of your dreams, and am curious with the outcomes.

Well, I need to go and check on the crock-pot. God bless you,
your sister in Christ. -dee Newine

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