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Satan is A LIAR!!!

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This is something I wrote to my husband who I have to limit my praising Yahweh so I don't turn him off on Him. But, I still have to give Yahweh the glory and it's something I realized that even to my husband I should never say that I found something when it was Yahweh who guided me. Notice, that ALL these things were only within a two day period and that ALL of them had a front of costing a ton of money in every sense of the word all the way from being rank promotable to costing in the thousands to fix and find . All Glory, Praise and Honor goes to my Father Yahweh who art in Heaven !!!!

I scoured the ENTIRE house for your green folder... I was praying and
asking God to help me and He DID!!! I found it (get ready for it) in
your Truck. Behind the drivers seat, in a box that was covered in
Stuff. I'm glad you sent me on that hunt though Because I found your
orders, not where you said they would be, but in a suitcase in our room
that you left out!! Basically I've been scouring the house All night,
no joke. First I was getting stuff out of the truck that I need to take
with me tomorrow and then locked the door and closed it... leaving the
keys on the seat... I'm glad Isaac was in the house and but I started
thinking how when I get back here I'm going to have to call a lock
smith. Then I remembered that my dad had made copies of the truck key,
Thank you God once again, scour the house for them and finally find
them in our closet in a basket on the floor. I had been in the truck in
the first place trying to Find the orders but only found the POA's...
Oh, that is not all!!! Saturday night I drove home from Sandi's and it
was an uneventful drive, peaceful at least. Got home went to bed, had
to get up in the am for brunch with Isaac at the Hunter club, go out to
the truck turn the key and all I hear is click click click, nothing, it
wouldn't turn... all I'm thinking is great more money I have to spend
getting the truck fixed!!! I look around to see who I could go to for
help firing up the battery no one is home except for the next door
neighbors that Isaac plays with, so I thought!! Both their cars were in
the drive. I noticed that the people directly across from us have pcsed
and someone had moved into the one that was previously pcsed from. I
keep ringing and ringing nextdoors door and nothing and as soon as I
was about to give up the new people pulled into their drive and I
walked over and waited for them to get out and asked for a jump. They
said sure. Well they couldn't pull the car up into the yard because it
was so muddy they would've gotten stuck (they tried...) So they pushed
the truck down the drive into the road which blocked all access for
anyone trying to pass (no one ever showed up so it was all good) we got
the truck started and I pulled back into the drive but as soon as that
happened the truck shut off with no help from me. I called them back
(they hadn't even gotten the car in their own drive yet!) and they did
the cables hook up and I noticed that the clamp around the charging
post was super loose (it slid right off) so they tightened it with some
pliers and I pulled back into the drive. I was afraid to take my foot
off the gas for fear that it would die again (I was praying the whole
time). I asked them if they could get me some gas treatment at the
shoppette and gave them a 5$, they brought it back and put it in and I
let it cycle for a little bit more. I finally got the courage to take
my foot off the gas and the truck didn't stop, so I went and got Isaac
and we drove to the Hunter club. As soon as I parked and turned the
truck off I thought that I should try turning the truck on again and
NOthing!!! No worries, there were plenty of vehicles which means people
there that I knew would help me. So I go in and I'm talking to the lady
taking the money for the holiday brunch and I tell her what happened.
She tells me that she is the Mayors Organizer Director and she will
help me charge the battery and take me over to get it looked at!!
YAY!!! So, me and Isaac eat a really yummy meal and as we are eating I
saw that the lady went over to a table to speak to one of the soldiers
(who's back was to me). A little bit later we are still eating and a
soldier comes up to me and tells me that he heard about my situation
and that he is the Garrisson Commander. He told me to call my FRG
leader and if I ever have anymore problems with my truck to call him
and gave me his card.
So, she does what she said she would do and we took it over the the
auto craft shop and they say I can Kill that engine!! So they look at
the battery and the entire problem was the loose connection, they fixed
it for free and while I was there I got an oil change.
That's not all, I was going to put my clothes in the dryer and the
dryer wouldn't turn on for the life of me and the only thing I saw was
very dimly lit options and a couple odd lines in the lcd window!! I
tried the plug, I knew it wasn't the breaker because of the dim lights,
I tried opening and closing the door, even hitting a little, nothing. I
had to lay the stuff out to dry (it wasn't much, but it was full of dog
hair...) So, today Sandi comes over and I ask her to help me with the
dryer... She asks if I checked the breaker and I told her I did but
that the lights were dim so that couldn't be it. So, she asks if I
tried closing the door and I told her I did. Then she opens the door
and slams it and Low and Behold the lights flash on Thank you God!!!
Well, now it is 2 am and I didn't get to shower like I wanted and I
don't have a proper alarm to wake me up because my phone only vibrates
and I don't hear it when I'm sleeping!! That's been my big ordeal for
the past couple days!! Frustratingly scary but all with a good
relieving end!!!

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Hinds Feet,

Praise the Lord he is certainly watching over you and Isaac. Little miracles happen all the time and people take them for granted. Thanks for sharing how Jesus helps us in all things if we will just take the time to notice. I pray things go well and God bless!

Love in Jesus,


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I love love love those little miracles because they lift my faith more than anything!

Thank you Connie!

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:7) I had to give my special smile, because I know how that can be, and it is the little things that pile up, that are mischevious, wickedness. But the Lord moves around the irritations, which are really trying to get you to be angry and stay angry, instead of having joy.

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Thank you HisLightbeam!!! My weakness is anger... Thank you for bringing the truth of the trial to light

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yeah, the Lord is just using the enemy's tactics to move you past it, because often with quick temper is impatience, and we need patience in these last days.

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Also, this is how the Lord gets us to practice self-control through the Holy Ghost, because we cannot train ourselves in these things.

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