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We Come To You O'LORD

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We come to you with thanksgiving and praise, we love you O'LORD, with all of our hearts, there is non like you anywhere...LORD this is our praise to you....
I Love My Jesus
I love my Jesus and my Jesus loves me, He is the greatest that ever will be,
So I lift up my hands and I shout with praise
Hallelujah my Glorious King, god is good and God is great He's totaly awesome
in every way...now don't you mess with my Father above, He's powerful and
wonderful and awesome too, and their ain't nothing He can't do!

We thank you for hearing our hearts...we thank you for being here in the midst...we Bless Your Holy Name, a Name above all Names...Jesus, You Rock our soul beautifully, and plant a garden of peace that
passes all understanding within us...LORD, please hear these prayers that have been posted here. Jesus as they reach out one to the other seeking You, I ask, as you said that I could do,John 14:14 If ye shall ask anything in my name I will do it, I ask of You Jesus, give ear to here their prayers and send forth the answers that You know they need. Deliver the oppessed, set them free, fill those that seek a job with the one that You have picked for them to have, for the ones that seek meaning to their dreams, Jesus do for them as You did for the King when You blessed Daniel to interpret the knings dreams, Jesus, for the ones that don't know what to ask, You alone know what they really need only You can fill and answer those unspoken questions, You are the answer! Jesus, for the people who are suffering over in Haiti, Jesus I know You see and hear their pleas...Jesus send forth an abundance of thy grace and touch them with thy Holy Hand and heal their wounds....the children Precious Jesus, you said Suffer the little children unto me,...here they are LORD, we ask of You to minister to their hearts and soul, to lift up each childs spirit Lord, they truly need You...You are exactly what Haiti needs in every way...as we come close to the day of your return we ask of You to raise us up to be the children of The Most High God to step out in full force to gather the Harvest, we ask that You let nothing get in the way or stop us from going forth...Jesus we ask that You O'LORD for give us of any sin that we have committed, we ask of You O'LORD to search every secret place within and clean us out, we can not do this ourselves, your word says so, " apart from me, ye can do nothing "....You are the Spoken Word, You are the Living Word,Jesus only You can show each of us how to be a True Friend to You like You are to us, we ask this from You....May the Glory of God in His prefct Grace go before us, may all know " joy is the ability to go through " it is where we find the true joy of you....Jesus, You Rock my world so.....we surrender completely...we ask in Your Name, Jesus...amen & amen.

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