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  1. Thank you Lord that no weapon formed against us shall prosper in the name of Jesus and thank you Father that you have not given us a spirit of fear but of peace, love and a sound mind.
  2. Thank you Father for being with steady gaze and I know you are your word says you never leave us or forsake us. Please bless her with peace and health in Jesus name. Keep your eyes on him and he will see you through.
  3. Father we thank you that we can trust in you for our safety and the safety of our families. I ask you to keep Raven and her family under the shadow of your wings and keep them in peace and safety forever in Jesus name. Keep Psalm 17:7-9 in your heart and on your tongue, confess it out loud and pray for your enemies that they be blessed and saved in Jesus name.
  4. Just googled it and he is still gone, there is a facebook page for him for you to leave prayers on and write the president for more action , etc....God be with you Bowe I ask him to keep you protected and made known your whereabouts to our military so they can bring you home in Jesus name alone.
  5. Sounds absolutely the right length and words.
  6. We thank you Father for your word. Your word that heals and ministers and encourages and brings peace. I pray that you would be in this boy and his family and keep them in your perfect peace in Jesus name amen.
  7. I'm standing in agreement that no weapon formed against hind's feet shall prosper and that her health is in the almighty's hands. Thank you Father.
  8. Just wanted to share that by the afternoon the headache was finally gone and I pray it stays that way. It was an extra good thing cause I had already said I would volunteer in my Kindegartners classroom. So bless you all for praying for me. THank you LORD
  9. Please help, my head ifeels like its full of weight. I have what you call sticky flem where it just sticks inside of you (especially sinuses). I have 5 children and i'm having a hard time doing what I need to for them and reading my beloved bible, I feel like crying cause it hurts so bad. I keep on going even though I don't feel like it, but I don't want to hurt anymore and I know that God can take it away and return my sinuses to the perfection that he created.
  10. Thank you Father that you know what is going on between these two men. We ask that you break the anger off and sever it's curses from them and we ask that your will be done in Jesus name.
  11. Amen to all the prayers, we know Father that they do not go unnoticed by you and the prayers of a righteous man availeth much, show Butterfly your mighty power in his life in Jesus name.
  12. My friend had a dream that a rocket was going to explode, she saw it exploding 3 different ways. In each of the ways it killed people but the one that didn't kill as many was from the rocket going up a little then exploding. I think we need to be in prayer for this attack which we both believe to be real not spiritual.
  13. Father you are the author and finisher of our faith and I ask Father to send you your word into Jeanie to do a complete restoration of her health. Send your ministers of fire into her spine to heal and cast out any bad cells that are there. (Psalm 104:4). Father we thank you for bringing Jeanie through this time of trial with health and more faith that she can share with others in Jesus name I ask.
  14. yes I saw it on the news a teenager was found today and I praised God for he is good, may he lead authorities to others that are still alive and pull them from the rubble and use them for his glory in Jesus name.
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