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  1. Cholette, I am so glad you said what you said about..." God had to take me out of where I was an place me in a church that was teaching JESUS"..........I heard a preacher Sunday morning stand behind the pool-pit and say these words........"God will never led anybody away from there Church, there not serving the same God I'm serving"...........the whole Church and cheered and clapped there hands in agreement with excitement!!!!............Huummmm, Right after that statement, he stated "That's what's wrong with this Church, we tell the truth to much"..........Oh-My-Lord-God!!!!! Your kidding me!!!!! I say "get ahold of the Word and just maybe some folks will get right with God!!!! Sometimes one has to shake the dust under there feet for a testimony against them. Again, thank you. Sister Halo
  2. A Status Report~ Baby Tray is still in the hospital with very-little staff-infection due to the hip surgery.....but, he still can mustard-up-a-smile and is comeing out of it slowly but surley. Please continue to pray for this family as the mother and father are not saved. Thank you all for your prayers and supplication at this time. Sister Halo
  3. Exodus 23:20~ Behold, I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared. This perticular scripture speaks of blessings and deliverence due to obedience to the Word of God which brings prosperity and blessings, disobedience brings failure and pusnishment. Prosperity is often viewed as material wants. The Lord does provide material wants due to obedience that has been obtained in times past in order to have these things. But however, there is ''Spiritual-Prosperity" aswell....this usually comes in the form of wisdom and knowledge and givieth understanding as the Word of God is read and obeyed. Part of our covenant agreement with God is that we trust and obey Him in return for His deliverence and salvation. Alas...This scripture also speaks of prepareing the way that is ahead of you, to keep thee in the way.....what way? his way, Amen...and to bring thee into a place which I have prepared....what place is that?....spiritual prosperity.....pertaining to this perticular scripture. God Bless~ Connie and Lola did give some real good doctrine, I applaid both of them for a job well done. That was awesome Lady's. Sister Halo
  4. Attractive Opposites~ Occasionally, God uses ''Repetition" in our lives and even in dreams when He talks with us. sometimes He uses it for emphasis, and sometimes for other reasons. When Peter first begain ministering, he ministered only to Jews. When it came time to start ministering to Gentitles, his religion got in his way. He was a Jew, and Jews didn't believe that Gentitles could be saved. But God had other ideas. So he spoke to Peter in a sision about his error. He sent hin the same fax three times {Acts 10:9-20}. He wasn't just trying to emphasize His message; He was telling Peter to conform to what He was revealing to him. On another occasion, God gave Pharaoh two dreams, informing Pharaoh that the dreams were given in two forms because the matter would surely come to pass. The message of Pharaoh's dream contained good news and bad new. The good news? There's good times ahead. The bad news? They won't last! And besides that, God even revealed to Pharoah when the market was going to crash {Gen. 41:1-7, 32-36}! God is no respecter of persons and He dosen't change. He still warns those He loves about trouble ahead and uses opposites even when two things don't go together like that of Repetition. When Paul and Silas were thrown into jail (Acts 16:24) one would have to think that this would not be a form of rest....but it was. When we read back through the chapter of Paul and Silas they were run constantly...well...the Lord provided a place of rest even though it wasnt an motel 8....but was a form of rest. Not no where else in the word of God does it say that Paul and Silas sang a song of praise, why? Repetition....meaning machenically repeated events from town to town and sayings in there lives not meaningless but associated with....therefore creating a new-thing in there lives and giving them rest at the same time with a song of praise causeing them to discover and recover. God Bless You Sister~~~ Sister Halo
  5. Sister.....it's not the husbond you are waring against....it's the princepalities of the air that you are fighting. This is what is called a "spiritual conflict". What did Paul say in 2 Cor. 10:4~ for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal (of the flesh) but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. In Jeremiah 1:10~The pulling down of strongholds are to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throwdown, to build, and to plant. When you go into your prayer closet...you speak to this spirit of "gainsaying" and to this spirit that is causing a division in your relationship. Matt. 17:18~ Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Glory be to God what a ''PROMISE"....the Lord said it, you just gotta put legs on them prayers, Amen. He said ''Whatsoever" meaning whatever the case may be...finances, relationships, children, church..and then the Lord goes on to say, ''that in which you bind shall be bound, and that in which you loose shall be loosed''...meaning past tense!!! You speak it....and then watch God's Handy Work. God Bless~ Sister Halo
  6. ~I am requesteing prayer for a family that just found out that there 2-yr-old baby boy (Tray) has Lukumeia. This baby is very sick and weak at this point and is in Childrens Hospital with this blood disorder. They drilled a hole in his hip-bone two-weeks ago to test the bone-morrow....well now the area in which they drilled, is severly infected causing even a greater threat upon his little-life. The mother is 6-months pregnant at this time. The Dr's say that this baby that is on the way has a 400 in 1 chance that he too could have the samething. The father is trying to work and make a living for his family at it is hard to work and be at the hospital at the same time. Folks, when I see people who are in this shape, it reminds me that I don't have no problems compared to this. Oh My Lord God....Pray, Pray, and Pray some more. Sister Halo~
  7. Halo

    More Court

    You must be a doing something right......or things would'nt be-a-going-wrong!!!!!!! Don't tell God how big your storm is, tell the storm how BIG YOUR GOD IS!!!!!!!! The enemy will have to go and lick-his-own-wounds!! Speak to these things that are trying to dictate your life and take back what the devil has stole in Jesus name. We war not against flesh and blood but, against the princepalities of the air. Your not waring against the court system/man, you at war with spirits {princepalities} that has come up against you. Once we recongnize what we are fighting against we have leverage and possess the ground we walk on for whatever the case may be, Amen. Put the whole armour of God on Eph. ch.6...learn how each piece is used and allow the armour to work for your advantage....let him who has stole, steel no more!! The Lord gave you a sound mind. Sister Halo
  8. ~Beautiful.......absolutely Beautiful Sister Halo
  9. Oooohhhh Butterfly.....that is music to my ears!!!!!! "To Rejoice in the Truth'' Thank you, that is awesome!!!!! Bring some more goodies to the table. Amen and Amen. Sister Halo
  10. Come on sister Preach it!!!!!!!!!! I know where you are going to with this...... Sister Halo
  11. Halo


    Yah..how about that!!!!! My headach's have become less and less...even my nose bleeds have ceased!!!!! Praise the Lord is right!!! Thank all of you very much for your odedience. Sister, Halo
  12. It pleases my heart to see that you are open and have an willingness to learn and to go deeper with the Lord with the help of others. That's what the Lord is looking for. You are welcome anytime. Sincerly, Halo
  13. You are welcome.....Give God the Glory, Amen. Halo
  14. I believe I will take that question for $500.00 Alex....oh wait...this is not Jeopardy and I'm not Vanna White....LOL. From what you have posted it appears the message that was ministry by you is not over, there is more to come.....as if it were said ''that's all folks" but, wait there is more. The sensation has you stirred in your spirit a-saying ''lets take an even greater look, maybe I missed something''. It's not that you missed it, you just have more to be added, you received the whole armor and have it in place....but, it is going to work for others aswell due to anointing that comes with it. An armor-bearer is an co-laborer aswell, often at times we are ask to help others bare there cross for those who at battle/war whom are wounded and on the front lines fighting with their well-seasond tactics of a soldier to substain the one's who are in the middle of this vast Army of God to make their way up and fight along with Valors of War...the effect's of this is called a "Replenisnhing" that causes our co-laborers to have a sigh-of-relief knowing that once again God has sent help in the times of trouble and need....Amen Hope this helps bare the Cross, what an important job you have. Sincerly, Halo
  15. Praise The Lord.......Very well said. Stand up and testify a little-bit. I'm over here in the Amen corner!!!!! Halo
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