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Praying for financial miracle

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I applied for a job-the Lord enabled me to perform excellently at all the steps having to do with the job. Still yet, I have heard nothing back from the job. And now my unemployment benefits just finished and I have to reapply for an extension.
I am my son's sole provider of his needs- everything....almost a year of no $$$ from his father.
I am a daughter of a King- the King of Glory is His name!
He promised that He would never leave me nor forsake me.
He also promised that He would supply all of my needs. I believe Him---His word is my collateral.
So I am stating all of this to remind myself to be encouraged as I wait upon Him!

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I will say to you what the Lord has said to me in this season of me being unemployed. God is the ultimate Source. The job and the unemployment benefits are only a means that he blesses us through (my job didn't pay into unemployment so I don't receive it). Regardless of how or where we receive our income, we have to keep our focus on the Source. After receiving this revelation, every need has been supplied. He blesses you according to HIS riches in glory...not according to whether you have your unemployment or not. The Lord is Real...I know you know that already!!!!


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