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****ADD 3-16-10****I need complete forgiveness from a friend and her mom

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I've apologized for the jerk I was back in the day to them and I'm awaiting a response. I owe the mom about $1000- from a court case they won on a default. I want to pay it the judgement, but I can't right now. They have been nice and haven't gone after me for it. I told them that I have every intention on paying them, and that I'm sorry it's taken so long.

I need the money to pay for this thing. I don't know if it's right to ask God if they can forgive me of this debt. I think once this money situation is taken care of, we'll all be able to be good friends again. Uuuggh.

Friends, you're not going to believe this. God is preparing me for
something relating, but separate than, this very recent act of
forgiveness. I received an e-mail from an acquaintance today about a
friend of mine (different than the one who just forgave me, read this post's replies if you have a minute). This
other friend of mine has recently gotten into an argument triangle, and has
dropped two very good friends of hers. I know these two friends of
hers because they consistently e-mail me to speak with my friend (I'm
being used as a third party here because I guess I'm neutral at this point). This situation escalated in a big
way today, and I found out that my friend is helping the ex-husband of the girl (my acquaintance, her friend) sue her for slander.

This situation is hitting home with me, as a court case between my best friend and I (who just told me yesterday that she forgave me 100%, completely) ended in almost a decade of estrangement and underlying guilt & pain.

I know God wants to use me and my testimony in this situation to help these three girls, and to point the way to Jesus. This needs to be handled within the next couple of days. All three of these girls do not know Jesus personally. They are all from different religious backgrounds as well ---> One is Catholic; one is Jewish; and one is being coerced by her mother into Buddhism. This is defcon 5 you guys. Jesus is the only one who can appeal to each one of these girls emotions. I just need to be the vessel, but I need to be ON POINT with Holy Spirit on this.

I plan on speaking to all three at the same time, so that they all know where I stand. However, I want ALL of my words to fall to the ground, and I want God to heal every one of these girls of hurt feelings, revenge, fear, and anger through this. I want all of these girls to get saved through this too. PLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSSE pray for me. This message that I have to give them has to be done very soon, and I'll be walking through a maze of delicate eggshells by even addressing it to all three at the same time (however, it's better this way, because then they will never second guess where I stand with all of them). I need prayer, I feel that if I screw this up and I'm not 100% obedient to the voice of God, then I'll have toyed with people's salvation. This is no light matter, and it's weighing really heavily on my heart. Thank you for your immediate prayers.

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The Bible says to owe no many anything but love. We are to pay our debts. I'm not saying that God won't give you favor and have them forgive you of the debt, but the wonderful thing is that the same amount of faith that it takes to believe God for them to forgive you of the debt, is the same amount of faith it will take for you to believe God for the money. Why not do that.

You have seen God come through for you in so many other ways. Walk in the divine unmerited favor that you have through Jesus Christ and ask your loving Heavenly Father to put the $1,000 in your hand...and He will!

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They've forgiven me the debt. I just got the response. I didn't ask them to do that, they just did it. They said I was 100% completely forgiven. I didn't pray to get forgiven the debt, but God granted it. I plan on doing something really nice for them, and believing God for the money to pay them back as well.

I need people to come in agreement with me for that $1000- though if you're still up for praying for me.

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