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The following was posted on Mia's prophetic dreams yahoo group by a moderator. I read it and thought we would all benefit by its message as well.

Be Blessed,

Good Morning Dreamers!

I want to first thank you all for submitting your dreams and those that
have provided interpretations. I do however need to caution each of you
on speculating what a dream may mean.

First and foremost it is imperative that you read the dream and then ask
the Lord for wisdom or guidance in interpreting. We do not wish for
anyone to be misled or spiritually harmed because the dream
interpretation is incorrect. Secondly, when speaking about spirits and
this is something I must say God has trained me specifically in this
area; be mindful of what you are telling someone to cast out. Even the
stirring up of something that is not there can cause irreparable harm to
a believer and place them in a far worse state. Be sure that you are
clear of what spirit you identify as some are fruits of a spirit and not
the spirit themselves.

Also, understand that the Lord may not wish to reveal the interpretation
of the dream at the time that it is posted. Does that mean you will not
get an immediate answer...YES. Does it mean you will never get the
answer...ITS POSSIBLE. It is the sites mission to provide interpretation
that is God-given. While there may be major symbols in ones dream; it
is vital that the dreamer and the interpreter continue to seek God's
face on the revelation. Please, Please, do not make interpretations
based on your past symbols of interpretation; seek the Lord. Dreamers
always be prayerful about the interpretation and tell us if the
information received was accurate. That is the only way we all will
learn and grow.

Lastly, if possible provide a scriptural reference so that the dreamer
can and will have something to meditate on and study as a result of
interpretation. Remember if it is not biblical and goes against the
very essence and nature of who God is, IT WILL NOT BE POSTED. (This reference is more appropriate for the Yahoo group...in the case of this website, it will be deleted.) Interpreters, you must be able to back your words; and dreamers if what
has been interpreted does not bare witness in your spirit please say so.

This site is for the edification and growth of believers who have
dreams and the gift of interpretation. It is NOT a psychic hotline or a
place where you can just say anything, throw Christ in it and say you
are an interpreter. All gifts of the Holy Spirit are just that from the
Holy Spirit and there is no contradiction in them.

As always we appreciate you and your willingness to share a part of your
life so that we may all grow together in the Lord. Dont forget to PRAY
about everything. God Bless you

~Kijafa, Moderator

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My dreams (more than one night) start with myself looking over a banister or railing down into a deep and narrow room. there is only one entrance/exit and that is by a ladder that was pushed up against the farthest wall.someone hoped that no one could ever hope to be down in that room again. In the room, on the floor was a bowl and a blanket. someone had been kept down there. I felt fear and also relief that that someone used to be me. Behind me and to my left was a being. Some one who knew what was going on, but only a guide. I believe it was a male. After I noticed him behind me I said to him, "I need to go into that room", and I pointed down toward a narrow hall that was approximately the length of an average human and as tall as a small child. An adult would have to crawl, but we didn't. No sooner than the words came out of my mouth, we were in a small room. I was amazed but then became angry as I saw a teenage boy with red hair and an evil look. He was picking up a box and carrying it outside. The room had two doors. One door was an exit to outside and the other was a closet. I felt that there was someone sitting in the closet. From no where I knew that someone was named Fear and the red head was named Inferiority. Even though I knew their names I shouted, "who are you and where is your mother?" Theis whole room was full of boxes. At the moment I did not care what was in them. The next instance I was brought into a huge ware house. It was an attachment to the other rooms. The deep room was now behind me, the being was still behind me to my left, and I began to look around me and absorb all that was going on. I saw people talking and touching things, wandering around a long waist high table covered with red velvet cloth that reached to the floor. I saw no one that I recognized. On top of this table were everyday items one might find at a garage or estate sale. That thought went through my mind and I asked the being those questions. There was no answer. I proceeded to walk down the left hand side of the table to the end, no thing was there that interested me. When I turned right, I saw a beautiful beaded bag with a drawstring. I opened it up and from the inside it looked enormous. From the outside it was average, and maybe a little on the small side. Inside of the bag were two things, an unknowable amount of black and white photographs of people, and also a vast amount of uncut, unpolished gemstones. I was excited about this find! I knew that these were souls. So I asked the guide if I could have the bag and all that went with it. He said "yes, but not right now". so I hid the bag underneath the table cloth and began to look around again. Immediately I saw two dolls. the first was a Hiltler doll and the second an SS soldier. When I held them I was filled with revulsion and I "saw" that they had belonged to Death. Death was a woman sitting in a bathtub full of blood. She was no longer alive, and I was GLAD! tThe being then called to my attention a glassed in case full of butcher's equiptment. I felt a vague memory of pain, but chose not to feel it fully, so I turned away from it. Back to the table. The being then turned me towards sliding glass doors that looked out into the night, out into a dirty city being cleansed by rain. I was afraid to go out there, but the guide told me I didn't have to go out yet. 1st DREAM OVER.

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