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Boscoe Jenkins

Got another question.(Adult topic)

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I have a question, I'm still in the beginning of my walk with christ & in doing so, I've decided that I want to remain celibate until I am married. I know its not going to be an easy thing for me to do & I think that it may be a little more difficult for me because Lust is a very big problem for me & I have trouble resisting that urge. I was wondering what else can I do along with reading the word about that? Also, Idk if this question get asked alot on this site but I was wondering is it really a sin for a person to masterbate?? I've heard that for men god looks at that as them wasting their seed, what does i say about women? I think I might be a lil confused here. What is the actual answer to that? I hope this question has'nt made anyone uncomfortable.

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