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Prayer for revelation of how to proceed into destiny shown

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I have begun to step into my destiny shown to me and shared by others that the Lord has led to encourage me.
My prayer now is for revelation for the steps for me to follow to go into this destiny.
Thank you family.

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The one thing we must ALL remember is that God gave us his destiny to fulfill in this life and we also have to remember that our lives do NOT belong to us. The reason why we have such problems in finding our purpose and understanding the things that God is calling us to is because we have our hands in it. God shows us something and we are eager to get it going instead of relaxing and letting God lay it out for us and through us. This is where FAITH comes in. Can we trust God to do this, even when we get impatient?

I didn't read the link you provided because it won't change my response. I think there is impatience in all of us to do God's will, but are we doing all that God has called us to to prepare? Are we reading His word and connecting to it like we would a first love? Are we spending time praying in the Spirit? Are we working in the house of God and allowing our gifts to operate in the house of God?

When a house is built, there is foundation and we must make sure that we have a secure foundation in the Word of God before we can even think about leaving the starting line of our race. If not, what will we have to sustain us when the enemy's camp comes in like a flood to trip us up?

When God shows us something it's his best for us and it is a seed. If you compare it to the conception of a child in the mother's womb, it will make sense to you. The seed is implanted. The mother has a "special diet" of things that she should eat and not eat in order to grow a healthy baby in her womb. If she puts anything in her body that is lethal, it could cause the baby to abort. We are the same way. When God impregnates our spiritual womb with his word...vision...dream, we have to nuture that seed with a "special diet" of the word. If not, the enemy will come in with his lethal words to try to abort the baby. Many times we abort and not even know it because we believe lies. He uses people around us to say things to cause us to leave the vision and dream alone. We stop praying over it...we get discouraged...we lose focus and the baby doesn't grow. What causes the baby to grow is the Word and prayer. We have to make sure we have a "healthy diet" of these two things. During those times, our way will be made clearer. The Bible says in Psalm that HIS WORD is a lamp to our feet and a LIGHT to our path. It's in the word...but we have to make it our priority and not leave it in the hands of others to show us our way.

This is just a little something for you to chew on...love you girl!!!

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