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**UPDATE!! NEED PRAYER...for a new career

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I have 4 weeks to decide what I'm going to do about my job. They are trying to change things and it is not in my best interest. I took necessary steps to lock in my position so that I could keep the privileges and flexibility that I have, but there are other people/forces that are ready to prove otherwise and are demanding more from me.
I need direction, I need doors to open so I can leave them peacefully. I have been feeling an overwhelming burden on me from working for this company. I have been desiring to leave for a few years now and I feel like I am literally being choked by this employer. Something inside me is making me feel so trapped at this job. I dont like it and I feel like I need God to rescue me from their grips.


Please keep me in your prayers!!

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My prayer request was for a new job but I believe God plans for me and my family are coming to light.

My husband and I were smacked in the face with a home business. It looks like the plan was sitting right under our nose the whole time but a few doors were still closed.
There is a wide open door now, and I will be doing the necessary steps to start us going in the next few weeks. This is a very big deal so...

Please keep us in your prayers!!!

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