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I had to write out my petition to YAH my SAVIOR maker of ALL things powerful to move mountains literally

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Lord I am going under. I cannot keep my head up Father. Every one wants everything I have and I have nothing. All of this is too much and it's all caving in and my husband is coming home and I'm supposed to be enjoying his RandR and I'm going to be thinking about all this stuff the whole time because I won't be able to do anything while we are on vacation. What is a RandR when my health and all these people are coming at me like a flood within only a couple days before he comes home?
Father, I know you provide for me and that You have Never let me down Father. Father I just don't have anything, I'm backed in a corner and You are the only one who can get me out. Every single corner you get me backed into get deeper and deeper and harder and harder.
Father You created the earth, all the elements, all the atoms, the music, our minds, our ability to think, our freedom of good or evil, our ideas, creativeness, monetary systems, our immune systems, rules and regulations for govts, establishments, rich and poor, free and slave. You created the whole earth and everything in it! The gold and silver is Yours, YOU said, you would provide ALL my needs according to YOUR RICHES in Glory, You PROMISED/PROMISE and YOU Say that YOUR WORD NEVER DIES, That IS Your word, You say YOU ALWAYS keep Your Word Father. You also say that You will will not let the waters overwhelm me, that you will be with me WHEN I Pass through them, that when I walk through the fire, You will NOT let it burn me Father, nor will You let the flames consume me, FOR YOU ARE I AM, the LORD MY YAH my GOD, The HOLY ONE of IsraEL, MY SAVIOR!!! I am so exhausted Father, I have not been able to sleep well for the past month, I am bone tired and sore, my heart sick. I am so imperfect! Everyday is the same, unending trouble caused by my own sin! I do not deserve Your mercy and blessings that I ask You for and I am always not asking because I know I don't deserve Your favour, but You don't want it like that You say, but I'm still hesitant and frugal, held back by my own pride. You hate my pride, You WANT to Bless me with YOUR riches, mercy, and blessings!!! FATHER I HATE my pride, I hate my sin that makes me feel like I can't ask YOU for GREAT THINGS that You say You promise, that KEEPS me from coming to You for forgiveness and mercy!!! My SAVIOR, My LORD Died for ALL of my sins and pride, all my debts and even debtors, for my sickness and viruses that have attacked me within only a few days, like it was all intended for my husbands RandR!! He's been gone for over half a year and I feel like JOB!!! I know you blessed Job with MORE, ABUNDANTLY MORE than You EVER blessed him with before You let Satan afflict him. Father, I only HAVE 1 or 2 days before he comes home!!! SET ME FREEE FATHER SET ME FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give me YOUR Peace, YOUR Healing, YoUR GRACE, MERCY, PARDON my DEBTS and SICKNESS FATHER!!! Father I have been DUPED, Stolen from, Lied to, Cheated, taken advantage of by people MORE powerful than me, people in high places, people who KNOW BETTER, SELFISH PEOPLE, THEY are trying to take Everything and they DON"T CARE, they want everything, they entrapped me with the INTENTIONS of taking and taking and taking, They will go at NOTHING for their power hungry schemes, they intend on devouring the world of it's wealth, they will go at nothing to take from the poor and wealthy alike for their power hungry schemes to rule the world FATHER, the world YOU MADE, the People YOU MADE, Satan tried to tempt my Lord with this wealth, with the rule of the nations, with their worship, but His Kingdom is NOT of THIS World and it's evil lusts of power, greed, and UTTER SELFISHNESS!!!! Father I look for the day when you Tear them down, their empires built on the backs of YOUR people, who trust You, who LOVE YOU, who Know The TRUTH, that You are the ONLY Truth!!! Father I ask that You Give me THEIR WEALTH to pay for what they CHEATED, LIED, DUPED, CONIVED, me out of, that YOUR HOLY Revenge would be on their backs, that You would TAKE BACK what the Thieves have stolen, what the moths have eaten, Father I give it all to You, it is ALL YOURS, Everything I have, it is all for Your Good Pleasure. THis is ALL for YOUR GLORY FATHER, that the Sinners would SEE YOUR GLORY, YOUR POWER, YOUR MAJESTY, that You are the END ALL BE ALL, that NOTHING gets by You, that what we all do does NOT escape your notice because we are ALL imperfect BUT I have been made perfect through Your SON MY SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST, though my flesh goes it's own way a whole lot, it is NOT what I want, I want you to conquer my flesh Father because I can do NOTHING through mySELF, consume me, burn within me, consume me, Spirit of God, Cover the Earth with YOUR HOLINESS, Reveal the secret plans of the enemy, expose their evil deeds, LET THEM COME TO SHAME, let them FALL at YOUR FEET at the SOUND of your HOLY Name, Let the FEAR of the LORD CONSUME THEM, EXPOSE THeir SCHEMES to hurt Your beloved, Your people, Your Bride, LET their stored Riches POUR OUT ON Your beloved, I am Your beloved, Your people ARE YOUR BELOVED, pay my debts that the enemy has hoodwinked me into!!! FAther, they don't realize that YOU CAN take Everything they wrongfully ganged at my expense and give it all back and cancel the debts THEY SaY I OWE THEM, that the ENemy is TRYING to feed me to the Tiger, but FATHER YOU WoN'T let them, You are taking from them and giving back to me, EVERYTHING, it's not their's It's ALL YOURs!!!!!!!!!! My health is NOT the enemies, MY LORD's Stripes are MY HEALING, my sickness is a lie because Jesus took my sickness before I even got it, all my debts.
Father They don't know what they are doing Father, they don't know what they are doing to You, to your Beloved, to the people of this world your creations. Father, pour your spirit out on them, give them dreams and Visions of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, of what HE did FOR them on the Cross, You said that Your Will is that ALL would be saved and that NONE would Perish, there is mercy and there is grace, everlasting hope, safety in MY LORD JESUS, He will Never let me go, You will never let them go if they would only let You HOLD them, wrap me in YOUR arms LORD, Don't EVER LET GO!!!!!!!
Father I THANK YOU for healing me, for setting me free from my debtors because YOU tell me that You do NOT want me to be in slavery to debtors, You want me FREE to help YOUR People, to bless them with the income and riches YOu Provide!!!! Father SET me free of this world's chains and bondage because my wealth is not of this world, but IN YOU, You have provided and I THANK YOU!!!! Father, I thank for forgiving me of my pride and my selfishness, for putting forgiveness into my heart for those who hurt people because I cannot forgive of my own strength.
Father I thank you for canceling my debts, for healing me, for providing the money out of the fishes mouth like You did for My Savior, My Beloved Jesus Father YOU say not to worry about where my next meal comes from, about my clothes, about my house, about my finances, about my debts, about my sickness because they are NOT MINE PRAISE YOU MY FATHER YAH!!!!! MY debts are NOT mine they are Yours, you take them and You say, these are mine why are You worrying about how you are going to pay them? Why are you afraid that your debtors are going to hurt you? I'm protecting you, they CAN'T hurt you because I won't let them. My plans are better than your plans, in fact your plans are HORRIBLE and My plans make your plans look like suicide!!!! PRAISE YOU FATHER YAH, My LORD MY SAVIOR!!!! The world says that THEIR plans and their rules are the law, that's what the banks and the credit people say but they don't realize that I AM can take it ALL away from THEM and give it to you My beloved, they don't have a leg to stand on because they follow the plans of their father Satan, who I KICKED out of MY Kingdom Heaven, I created him, I can tear down his establishments with less than half a word, I rearranged the atoms and I can un-arrange them!!!! Miracles are my favourite to bestow upon you!!! I LOVE the look on your face when you recognize the small miracles I do for you every day, the world calls them coincidence and fate, I hate the god coincidence and fate with a burning passion because they take credit for my miracles !!!! I love how you love the little things and all that I've made, how you take joy in my creations, how you seek me on your country drives and through your walks in the woods, how you wonder at the beauty and majesty of MY power and might. I LOVE to delight you with my creations because that's why I made you!!! I LOVE to do miracles for you because the world says I can't, the world says you are hopeless and laughs at you for consider you to be easy, I LOVE to show them up through you!!! I LOVE to show those of mine that have kept their faith in a box that I AM can DO ALL and More than they could ever imagine, they need their faith built up in me and what better way than to have my beloved backed into a corner surrounded by your enemies so I can show them MY POWER and MIGHT, that I keep my promises that their little bit of faith will be encouraged to go deeper, to ask for MORE to quit putting limits on what they ask for, to quit putting boundaries of time, boundaries of worldly laws, boundaries of space and place, boundaries of persons, because I AM beyond boundaries, I MADE them only for those of the earth!!! I made them so you could have a solidness and a frame of reference, but they are not for me. As I speak, I am already working on people to help you, I started before you even asked!!! AM I not the one who put it in your Heart to clean that couch so that you would find TWO important things you needed, one for that moment and one for later?! You had NO IDEA what was going to happen that night!!! I DID!!! I was with you the WHOLE TIME!!! Don't question HOW I am going to free you from your debtors, from your balls and chains, I know how you feel, I was there and your balls and chains is just like an ant to me and I can SMASH the with just a look!!! That tiger dream you had, was about this day!!!!! Your bosses are your debtors, they intend on feeding you to the tiger and they have a hold of you, they are your ball and chain holding you in place so they can feed you to the tiger, and they have the tigers cage door open and the tiger licks you, that is how close the enemy has come to destroying you financially and intentionally destroying your beautiful RandR time with your husband, but that tiger only gets in a lick!!! Then look what happens, you go and SMASH out their TWO cars windows with a POLE and then, you jump on top of those cars and jump up and down on the roofs and hoods and it's quite funny how you do it, cause you look like a kid just out making mischief and not even out of anger, the reason was being that they tried to feed you to their tiger, and then you run away like a little kid running away!!! You Totaled their cars and it looked more like a man of 500 lbs and not the 200, jumped up and down on their cars!!! They couldn't believe you had defeated them, what you did to their cars!!!! I gave you the weight of a 500 lb man, you are a defeeter , I gave you the power and they can't go anywhere now with those vehicles, they can't chase you now, you ARE FREE!!!! Then you know, their son gave you THEIR MONEY out of THEIR stash!!! It only represented what I can do for you because to you 5,000 is a ton of money and it could pay off several of your bills!!! Don't worry, about money, I've got you covered, I've got my sources, Ha that is me I've dropped money from planes, I've put it in fishes mouths, I've recovered long lost treasures thought to be permanently gone and never to be seen again only to show up immediately and, within days to months to a few years to 20, 30, 60 or so years later!!! I LOVE showing you my Power!!! Your life is the dream, that's why it feels unreal, every second is in the physical realm which has time restraints and your spirit doesn't have time restraints, so every second it feel to you like vagueness. Remember this that you are spirit and what you speak is in the spirit and words have power to tear down or build up, their is power in your tongue and that is why I say to use it wisely when you speak about ANYTHING, that's why I tell you not to be negative, to speak the positive, curses AND blessings are in the tongue, never curse yourself, your finances, your debt, your son, your husband because you are playing with fire. Bless them with more than what is in your humanly realm, more than what humans think is possible and be imaginative for I AM!!!
I bless you with the salvation of your husband and your son, I bless you with freedom from debtors and your house I have set you free already in the spirit realm and what I do in the spirit is done to you in the flesh, I bless you with over abundantly more than you could ever imagine I AM your DAD your REAL Father, everyone else is temporary, but I AM before they ever were, I planned them in your life even if you don't understand why, you will!!! I bless your home with peace, mercy, love, kindness, goodness, gentleness, self control, faithfulness, hope, and health, and freedom in ME!!!!
I PRAISE YOU FATHER!!! You ARE the Alpha and the Omega, the End all Be all, the beginning and the end, the everlasting GOD, the only God, the only LIGHT and TRUTH, the Only PEACE, the ONLY GOOD God My SAVIOR

Your new name will be "The City of God's Delight" and "The Bide of YAH," for the LORD delights in you and claim you as his bride. Your children will commit themselves to you O Jerusalem just as a young man commits himself to his bride. Then Yah will rejoice over you as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride. Ojersusalme, I have posted watchmen on your walls; they will pray day and night, continually. Take no rest, all you who pray to the LORD. Give the LORD NO res until he completes his work, until he makes Jerusalem the pride of the earth. The LORD has sworn to Jerusalme by his own strength; "I will never again hand you over to your enemies. Never again will foreign warriors come and take away your grain and new wine. You raised the grain , and you will eat it, praising the LORD within the courtyards of the Temple, you yourselves will drink the wine you have pressed." Thank you Father for showing me that verse first thing, I LOVE you too

That is my petition my Father and I pray this as though Jesus Himself were praying this Thank you Father for hearing my cries

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God had me turn to Psalms 29-31 just now! I Love praying the psalms especially when God uses it as confirmation!!

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I haven't read it all...I'm going to bed because I have a meeting in the morning so I'll read after my meeting. But that song you posted.....I've been singing it for two weeks now. No lie!! And to the Same video too....its saved to my favorites. I love it!!!


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I just found it tonight!! I have to get to bed myself, hubby hopefully will come home tomorrow!!

Oh, goodnight and sleep tight

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My dear sister, what a beautiful saviour we have. He takes you from sorrow to joy. God is at work in our circumstances. Trust in Jesus, not what you see. Yet, you will see and your eyes will open and you will see Jesus. May you have some joyful times togeher.

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AMEN Joy!! hehe almondjoy

Thank you for being such a great encourager and you are my dear sister too

I know I said several days before all this crashed down that every corner God gets me backed into gets tougher and tougher... but I always come out stronger and stronger and He has always brought me out unscathed and with His favour on my side. The enemy tries to make me see with my physical eyes every time, but with those eyes there is no hope. AMEN Joy!!

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God does have his ways of showing us that we can do NOTHING without him and that we have nothing without him. Yes, there is no hope without Jesus!
Hugs to you too!

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The enemy is really trying to get me today as my husband as the mortgage company called about the other house that I've been praying for a buyer. They are always asking for him when they call, for like 2 years now and have not spoken to him once because he's been gone for 2 years in a row with a short stint home to move to another post. So I have been the one talking to them and this time I handed him the phone and he was glaring at me almost the whole time. Before that I had told him about the bills that we owe about 700$ and it all has to be paid this month. While he was on the phone with the mortgage company he wasn't aware that our realtor had dropped us and I told him because he was telling them that we were working with one. Thing is it didn't seem to matter that she had sent all the stuff back this week without calling me, he still glared at me. After he got off the phone he went in the bedroom alone and didn't come out for a while. He finally came out and I told him that all that stuff came up all on the same day. I just felt horrible like it was all my fault/he was blaming me, though it wasn't my fault. I think he felt bad for me and pulled me to him while we were sitting on the couch, I just wanted to cry. It's so hard trying to have faith when he only sees things in physical human terms and things seem almost hopeless and I'm trying to have faith for the both of us. It's easier to have faith when he's gone. I just posted a dream I had about him while we were sleeping, he's still asleep, I woke up cause my son is watching tv and some loud commercial came on and some woman was singing a loud song. I had to get up to put down my dream.

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Thank you guys, I appreciate you so much
This week is so hard on me. I so need agreements with me. Where 2 or more are gathered in agreement in prayer there Yah is!! PRAISE YOU FATHER YAH!!! I fasted on that day and I wanted to go another day but I needed to have energy the next day to drive to get my husband at the airport. Yah's timing is better than mine though even if it's not the timing I want. Your prayers are timely. I can feel the discouragement coming on.

I will now have mercy on you through my grace. Your gates will stay open around the clock to receive the wealth of many lands. The kings of the world will be led as captives in a victory procession. For the nations that refuse to serve you will be destroyed.Isaiah 60:10-12

Isaiah 61 (Amplified Bible)

Isaiah 61

SPIRIT of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed and
qualified me to preach the Gospel of good tidings to the meek, the poor,
and afflicted; He has sent me to bind up and heal the brokenhearted, to
proclaim liberty to the [physical and spiritual] captives and the
opening of the prison and of the eyes to those who are bound,(A) 2To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord [the year of His favor] [a]and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn,(B) 3To
grant [consolation and joy] to those who mourn in Zion--to give them an
ornament (a garland or diadem) of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of
joy instead of mourning, the garment [expressive] of praise instead of a
heavy, burdened, and failing spirit--that they may be called oaks of
righteousness [lofty, strong, and magnificent, distinguished for
uprightness, justice, and right standing with God], the planting of the
Lord, that He may be glorified. 4And
they shall rebuild the ancient ruins; they shall raise up the former
desolations and renew the ruined cities, the devastations of many
generations. 5Aliens shall stand [ready] and feed your flocks, and foreigners shall be your plowmen and your vinedressers. 6But
you shall be called the priests of the Lord; people will speak of you
as the ministers of our God. You shall eat the wealth of the nations,
and the glory [once that of your captors] shall be yours.(C) 7Instead
of your [former] shame you shall have a twofold recompense; instead of
dishonor and reproach [your people] shall rejoice in their portion.
Therefore in their land they shall possess double [what they had
forfeited]; everlasting joy shall be theirs. 8For
I the Lord love justice; I hate robbery and wrong with violence or a
burnt offering. And I will faithfully give them their recompense in
truth, and I will make an everlasting covenant or league with them. 9And
their offspring shall be known among the nations and their descendants
among the peoples. All who see them [in their prosperity] will recognize
and acknowledge that they are the people whom the Lord has blessed. 10I
will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul will exult in my God; for He
has clothed me with the garments of salvation, He has covered me with
the robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom decks himself with a garland,
and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels. 11For
as [surely as] the earth brings forth its shoots, and as a garden
causes what is sown in it to spring forth, so [surely] the Lord God will
cause rightness and justice and praise to spring forth before all the
nations [through the self-fulfilling power of His word].

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