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Update possible Hysterestomy do to precancerous cells.

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HI friends and family.

I went in to have a Leep today for all of you who have forgotten what a
Leep is, "it is a instrument that zaps out all precancerous cells." Well as I
went in for this procedure I began to ask my doctors some questions. Like why
did her receptionist call me and tell me I had to do another biopsy I was
waiting to hear if I had cancer or not. My doctor began to explain, that I do
not have cancer but I have second stage precancerous cells, which is high risk
cells to produce cancer, and the chances are that the cells are to far up inside
the cervix that the Leep will not get it all. And there are more things
factored into all of this to consider having a hysterectomy. I can no longer
have children anyway because of the spinal surgeries I have had over the past
six years let alone I have no husband. I desire to adopt children in war torn
countries overseas with a Husband with the same heart.

The bottom line is it would be best to have a

I told my doctor I want to think and pray about it before I go in and have
it. I love my doctor she is so wonderful I could not have asked for a better
doctor. Anyway they will go ahead and ask my insurance for an approval and set a
date, but I can always change it and just not do it, " but the ball is rolling
on it and a date will be set."

Now please I ask that you not give me your opinions, this is a very hard
and difficult decision I need to make with the Lord. Right now what I need is
prayer because I am struggling and really need to hear the Lord.

The other thing is my mom is having hip surgery Sept 16 and I want to be
there for her but I have my own things to deal with right now because I am also
dealing with some other medical issues on top of this situation I am now faced
with and it has been a very difficult time and season for me.

I appreciate all of you who have even read these email's and kept me before
the Lord as He has led you. I have felt those prayers. I ask you to please keep
me continually before the Lord in this time. Please keep my mom before the Lord
as you have done for me. I know she really needs your prayers as well right

The Lord is faithful no matter what, I do trust Him and He will cause me
to prevail through this season and it shall soon pass.He has been so good to me
and He will continue to provide for me as well in this season.

I just want to say I treasure you and your friendships as they help carry
me through the difficult times as well.

Much love and Blessings

P.S If you get this email twice I am sorry.

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You know that we will pray with you anytime.. I would do what the doctors tell you and just know the Father will be guiding them and guiding you through the situation. Like you said if you here the Father say no.....then cancel the surgery. What ever you decide just let us know so we can keep you prayer covered through the entire proceedure. You are already healed in Jesus name. Stand on it and believe it.

Love in Jesus,

Connie huggins

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Hi precious Dove,

I want to thank you for the support. It is so hard for me right now as I have other medical issues that is weighing on top of this. I do not mean I will not seek counsel I want counsel but there are so many opinions out there that when you are struggling the last thing you need is so many opinions surrounding you that emotionally it is like noise in your head. I have been over the last 5 years or more been fasting for breakthrough. I have desired to know the Lords heart in everything I have gone through and ask him to constantly reveal anything in me and so far it is just trust me. So I must do this.

Thanks again

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Jeanie, I've had one myself and lots of problems were solved, but when you are young there are other factors to consider and side affects you then have to live with the rest of your life--take out one body part and given enough time, the others drop down. laugh .....but not so fun either!

The Lord will give you peace one way or another and that will carry you through more than enough with the side-effects you have to live with!
It is good you trust your Dr. Hysterectomies are probably the most "abused" (done without cause) operation done these days, from what I researched.

Praying with you too.

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Hi and blessings,

The Hysterectomy surgery is now scheduled for August 25th. The reason for
it being quickly scheduled is because the precancerous cells are at the last
stage before it comes cancerous. This is a very serious thing.

I have pondered this situation with the Lord.. This is and has not been
an easy decision for me to make do to things I had hoped for and use to dream
about that did not come to pass. But I have to trust the Lord that He can do all
things and that He is faithful to bring about our dreams in other ways,
why because He loves us and we are His children.

I decided to go ahead with the Hysterectomy. I have sought council from
other Christian women who walked down the same road. The bottom line pointed out
the fact there were to many reasons to get the hysterectomy and not enough ones
not to.

You could say that it is a struggle for me because I am tired of pain and
tired of having so many surgeries and want to be in the mission field doing what
I was created to do. In time maybe. For now I just have to trust the Lord.

I want to point something out here where I feel the Lord should receive all
the glory and that is, He revealed what was hidden that could have easily turned
into cancer if it were not exposed now.

My foot finally began to fuse a very little but it is a start and I praise
the Lord for it because I did not want to have another foot surgery.

Thanks for all your prayers and may the Lord continue to bless you in a
mighty way.


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please get a second medical opinion before you go ahead with this.It seems extreme to me. Just my opinion. Had minor surgery for this in drs office years ago. Bad cells never returned God bless you!

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Thanks there is more in this then just the cells However the cells are all through the cervix and uterus. I know there is a procedure to take care of it in the office been there done that. Have done allot of investigation in regards to it as well.


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I hope you are feeling much better. May God be with you and give you peace

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Thanks for all the prayers sent out. I will have the Hysterectomy on the 25th of August so I might head back home for a few days. My hometown is 9 hours from where I live and will travel with a friend.

I have been going though this thing of cleaning out my entire house getting rid of things, and cleaning every nook and cranny. I do not know what my deal is.lol

You all are such a blessing thanks.

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God can do a lot between now and the 25th. Is there anything too hard for the Lord????

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i am praying for you also. Lord i pray for peace for my sister and that if she had to do this operation instead of instant healing then lord let her not suffer side effects as i have read here or else where..i ask for this after miracle in Jesus name because i know you can do all thing and beyond what i am asking in Jesus NAme!

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oh wow Steady I didnt read this till just now, im sorry!

Hold on to God's promise, Hes going to take you to a place thats seemingly barren, and that is where He will reign His blessing on you! This is your reward for being faithful and having faith in what He speaks to your heart!

Love you and i'm praying for you!

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