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prayer request and testimony all in one (originally a reply to Wings :) )

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Hay Wings!! That's a weird picture hay wings
I need some big time faith prayers!! The what's the odds, humanly
impossible stuff only God can do!! God spoke to me through a whole
sermon on that same subject on sunday. It's like he used the pastor to
speak what has been my exact thoughts and what I've wanted to be
preached for a while now to wake people up that God is bigger than they
limit their faith to. I've become wary of telling my big time prayer
requests because I often am rebuked, they discourage my requests, when
they pray they generalize my requests way down from the specifics that I
told them I needed to be specific, etc. They don't have faith and often
I've left bible study on the verge of crying because I so needed
someone to stand in agreement like God says, if 2 or More are gathered
in faith and agreement I AM is there and will here them. It so hurts
that they do that to me and it has happened to every single pray request
that I've requested at this church I'm going to, God put me there for a
What's interesting is I think I know why I'm there now. I
was wondering and think I might have under-the-breath asked God why he
put me there and I think writing this reply to you He let me know that
it's to build the faith of the church.
What I have wanted more than
anything in my life, which seems to be the only steady desire has been
for God to speak to me and answer my prayers.
I received a call from
one of the younger women from church today and I told her about what I
am basically telling you about the lack of faith and throwing my big
prayer requests to "swine" and about the sermon part too. Also what the
pastor spoke about was God really answers prayers when you are
surrounded on all sides and no way out (he used the same words I use to
describe my own situation, God's code words to me letting me know that
He has heard me and is letting me know). Also funny is the onion God
that we have used that same sermon to let me know he heard my desire for
that specific sermon to be spoken. I so did not want to bring up the
subject myself in bible study because I've been hurt so many times by
people who pretend they are experts on God's prayer answering
techniques... Anyway, so the girl told me that she doesn't quite
understand everything I told her, that I told you, but Loved the sermon
and it opened her eyes.

Well, I just entered a drawing for Home
Depot for a 5,000$ gift card for Home Depot. I have also had revelation
at church while I was speaking to a lady (I had asked God for someone of
great faith to speak to me at church a few days prior to attending and
forgot about it until I was talking to one) and she agreed with me. My
revelation is that I need a realtor of great faith, the mountain moving
faith, who can stand with me in agreement with God Vision for my house
(which in humanly terms isn't worth half what we payed for, it's in
human terms got a lot of problems, in God terms "what problems can I AM
not fix with one word"). I need that realtor to pray in specifics and
revelation, to know that GOD CAN and WILL take care of all monetary
needs and debts, to agree with me on that, to agree with me that God
will take this house and all of it's debt out of our life with no trace,
that God has someone specific to get this house and all the debt will
be taken care of.

Basically that is how I'm doing, fighting for my faith
I just got home a couple hours ago and sent my son to get the mail. he
came back and said that it's a ton of mail... I send him out cause I'm
afraid of my own mail (bills)
and it forces me to look at them... I'm looking through it separating
the throw-away-immediately to the look-sort-throw-away-junk, and the
bills. I look at the "bills" and open them and no bills, I get to the
one I don't normally get because it's my son's online homeschool program
that doesn't send me bills and is auto payed. I open it and there is a
check, don't get my hopes up... read it and wondered why i got it. It
said something about earning money by referring people to them, go back
and look at the check still confused not remembering referring anyone
except for telling some people, it's a 25$ check for referring one of my
friends who signed up her kid!! Thank you Father for turning the bills into money!!
I am going to post this reply to you in the forum so I don't have to retype anything
anyone wants to know this homeschooling/afterschool supplemental
program to sign their kids up and give me as their refering person I wouldn't mind!

How are you doing Wings?

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Hi dear Hind'sfeet
I read your lines and found that there are many of us strugling today with financial and dbt problems.And yes God is greater than any of our problems.We were praying in church today about the Lord to help us and help the people and the country etc.It was so good.:)
Please keep your faith.I keep telling it to myself too.
I1m sure God will show you what he wants you to do in your church.
God bless you.

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Hinds feet,

I know you already know this but I just want to remind you.....Your best prayer partner is the Holy Spirit. He is there to pray on your behalf to the Father. He puts it into the exact words....when we don't know how to pray he does it for us. Praying in the Spirit is the most direct way to the Father.....Because you are praying to the Father and in the will of the Father. The Lord has reminded me of that before and I just wanted to encourage you with that. Sometimes no one can understand our situation but the Holy Spirit, who is a witness to that situation and knows the heart of the matter when we pray. I am not an expert but I am a person who prays. Hang in girl....the Lord is with you where ever you go. He will not leave you or forsake you and he will provide for every need according to his riches and glory. Remember that he is Jehovah our provider.

Love in Jesus,


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I am happy that God has met your need through the message at church. I do agree with Connie because as I mentioned in another request of yours HF, not everyone has someone to be in agreement with them. God isn't going to make you go without until you find someone to get in agreement with you.

Be blessed and I rejoice with you!

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I'm sorry I haven't replied :(

I know I read Connie's reply before and a few others but I was so busy I didn't have time to sit and think of a reply... I opened this because it caught my eye and I had forgotten I posted it. I didn't even know that Cholette had replied either!

Well, I didn't win... I had to be in a certain income bracket... I always think that is fishy...

God has REALLY been taking care of me these past months, wow do I have a story and I hope that it will be added to in the near future!!! I won't tell it now... it's rEALLY long and I dread writing it all out.

Thank you guys for SUCH WONDERFUL Encouragement huggins happy dance Bless You Amen

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Hey Hinds Feet

I am sorry you did not get what you hoped for but thats when I know that God has better plans for me. So hang in there girl.

Love in Jesus,

Connie huggins

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