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Mia, Please I need your Prayers

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Dear Mia,

Since I was dissengaged from my plum job as a senior management job with one of the international companies, it's been challenging left and right to secure a new job or business of my own to be able to maintain my family and myself. Also having debts in both financial institutions and friends. In view of these, I would appreciate if you can join in prayers on the following;

1. Secure a new job opportunities
2. Debt cancellations
3. Uncommon blessings-Financials, favour, spirituals growth and goood health
4. Own my home
5. Own a new car

Thank you.

In Him,

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I am not Mia but would be happy to touch and agree with you. I will be praying for you. Please tell me when you have reached your goal so I know when to thank the Lord.

Love in Jesus,


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Hi Ola

I'm praying that God will open your eyes to see clearly whats going on around you and show you the path out of it.
Be encouraged to every purpose there is a season but God holds them all in His hands. praying
oh by the way I'm not Mia either just strengthening the prayer wall

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