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  1. Hi I pray that God gives you the wisdom and strength to do what you need to do. All I hear is safety, you and your children need to be safe, thats the priority now. Its at the point where your children are being physically hurt and he is not ackowleding that. That is a very dangerous place, at these times love takes a backburner and safety comes first. Is there any local support or do you have a emergency plan if things become too violate (it seems they are heading that way) i'm sorry to be blunt but I dont want the wifey smokescreen of love to hide the seriousness of this situation. Please be safe, yeap I'm praying too but its time for some action. x get safe,get support first,
  2. Hi first the fact you posted highlights the need to really deal with this. so I'm praying with you but seriously you have to 100% want to get out of this. you say your half-way in love with it. maybe on a level you feel a need is being met (not sexual) so I'd get to really talking to God about it and everything and I mean everything how you feel before and after, your past. As you do this and your heart is open God will begin to reveal doorways roots and answers. As He does that you got to deal with each thing and that means trusting God enough to met you needs that you willing to fight against this pull. and of course strengthening yourself in the word. i hope this helps and sorry but have to be straight to the point in this area. It does not have to be another 9 years.
  3. Hi i read your post and the words that came to me were that you fit in but you just havn't found your place (area) yet and maybe thats why you don't feel you fit in but God has a perfect place for you. Maybe God is drawing you soo close to Him that you will see wherever you are you fit right into Him and that inner security will cause you to shine whereever you are. oh and another thing in your post you sound pretty unique and thats an amazing quality
  4. Hi Ola I'm praying that God will open your eyes to see clearly whats going on around you and show you the path out of it. Be encouraged to every purpose there is a season but God holds them all in His hands. oh by the way I'm not Mia either just strengthening the prayer wall
  5. Hi I'm praying God will clear that cloud and His light will saturate you. ou random question here as you a leader or called into leadership in any capacity?
  6. Hi You sensed a lack of peace about her. This stuck out in your post. I'd would've questioned God what do you want me to do with this information. Is there a prophetic word you want me to give to her, do I need to be on spiritual alert here, should I pray and decree peace, or whats the cause of this lack of peace. then depending on the answer I follow that line. I always assume if God gives me a word (understanding, rhema word) about someone there is always something I should do about it. Even if its just decreeing peace over that person or myself I hope this helps I'm just sharing what I'd do. stay blessed and keep sharping those tools.
  7. I'm soo Sorry for your loss. I pray this time will pass in peace and comfort knowing God has a promise for you and your husbands future.
  8. Hi this used to happen to me and it annoyed me because I knew God was saying something important. anyhoo I finally clicked and prayed about remebering my dreams (took a little while) then one night I dreamt I was writing down my dreams and ever since then either remember them (although have to journal) or I pray and remember during my prayer time. Keep on with it , i think its part of the training process. HTH
  9. You talk about this because you need to. I have just been praying for Gods liberty to set you free from this. I know you can stay under the radar, forgive me for not being clear, I mean you arise in Him and He will give you wisdom to do what you need, to come out of this. You know you can still hold you head high in a still place.
  10. The pulpit is not the place for personal grievance leadership is for edifying, that is to build you up and speak life over you not to tear you down. God never says "now this sunday I want you to preach against so and so" in doing this the preacher makes Gods message about their agenda and spiritually this sows wrong seeds to the congregation. The words we speak should be spirit and life not spirit and death.Yes I would say the leadership over you is self-led and not spirit led. God is first love and He is impartial, He does not prefer one above another. There is no elitism in Him. everything you have written in your post I have experienced. the sad truth is that the reality of what I was in hit me when i had experienced true liberty a few months after i had left. You do not need God to audibly tell you to leave, if what is being done does not match up to whats in God word or the nature of God when where is He in this?. All you are is wrapped up in all God is, not what people say or do and if they are in line with God, you should be growing and glowing in Him. Question do you experience that same liberty in church as you do in your home based group? I questioned God on leaving so many times, but where I was there was a strong manipulation that made me disregard anything that didn't come from leadership no matter how I felt and even what the word said. I would even interpret it how they taught it and think anything else was carnal or self (which is what they taught). the truth is I gave man God's place (in leading me) and I didn't realise it, but the core of who I am wanted Just God and God made a way of escape for me. One more thing my sister you can never stay under the radar, God wants you to rise above it into who he is.
  11. Hi I havn't read pp so forgive if i repeat anything. i wanted to reply because this rings a bell with me. one of my sons who is now 6 has a prophetic gift. He sees in the spirit realm when sleeping and has a gift of discernment and intercession. I mention this not to brag but just trying to bring insight. Problem was he was seeing demons and that nature as well as angels and Gods nature. As he was soo young he wasn't mature enough to handle it and often came into my room crying about what he has seen. I had since learnt to pray and seal certain things from his vision. Now he still sees the enemy at work but more as robots ( which he can handle) than horrendous demons. I would say to cover him in prayer and spiritually mentorship (if he's gifted) and also pray for you sister to be more aware in this area. I'm sure you've got the house covered:)
  12. Hi Jillian I'm sorry to hear what you've been through and know your words posted cannot express the full extent. I hear your story and have heard it many times already. I could reply in detail to alot of things you said but will state 2 things. First where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty, and thats includes liberty to be all that God has called you to be without fear of reprisal. the Second is that there is alot of people (title) leading in your post and no God leading. In a nut shell what you have described rings of spiritual abuse and sooner or later what God has called you to do and be will come into conflict with the limits being put over you. I'm an ordained minister as well and 18months ago left an extremly spiritually abusive ministry where I was for 14years, so I hear you loud and clear. I cannot begin to say what was said over me but I know what God says over me each day and God has enlarged my borders, brought gifts to the surface and now my ministry is blooming. Freedom is awesome & priceless:) Please feel free to email me, either way I'm praying you will be strengthened to trust Him only and allow Him only to direct your paths. Stay blessed
  13. I'd pray for strength and wisdom with dealing with this as I agree its one thing to break soul ties in prayer but one may also have to follow through with some affirmative action. I say strength because one may need emotional strength to maintain freedom and wisdom in dealing with the other parties. Just another thought here thats support pp advice. At times those who are being controlling ect dont really realise what they are doing.Their perception of what they do and your reality of what they do differ. Hearing you be clear about the situation, can switch the light on for them also. Ok some people know outright what they are doing and that may be the case with you, but at times they don't realise the real deep impact of their behaviour or the manipulation of the enemy over their own lives. Either way stand firm in the freedom you have decreed.
  14. Amen to that. That word is so on point. feels like I could insert my name in the first line:) God has been reassuring me that HE will contend with those who contend against me as I stand in Him and last week He said just watch and see what He is going to do. I believe the night is far spent and my morning is coming.:) Praise God, gotta keep my praise garments on! Thank you again
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