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Linda Irish

The Light On The Path...The Gift

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The Light on The Path….The gift.
So we are all beginning again, with this huge gift that has been set in front of us. Shall we put the gift in the back of the closet for another day, another time? Do we look at it and think, Oh yeah….I have had this before, I get one of these every year… or do we open it and experience this thing called LIFE to the fullest? Do we begin again with new eyes…to enjoy this life in it’s fullness through the eyes of Christ?

I caught myself feeling bad for a few minutes, the other day, for the mistakes that I’ve made in the past. It seems like every once in awhile I find myself doing this. I don’t think that the sting of feeling bad, is a bad thing in itself, really. Especially if this is a catalyst to help me to remember to stay in His light ~ to do good. I don’t mind a reminder now and then ~ that I am a new person in Christ Jesus.

When I remember my selfish choices in the past, that I made through negligence, ignorance of selfishness, I quickly feel moved to pray for the ones that I impacted.

When I think of how others impacted me with their selfish choices…I feel compassion for them because I see now that I am the same. We are all hopelessly flawed without the grace of Christ. I have no right to hold judgements against others for their shortcomings. Haven’t we have all fallen short of the glory of God.

Thank God that He still loves us and wants us. Its amazing really.

Thank you God that you sent Jesus, and that this beautiful and Holy Son of Yours was willing to buy us back into the fold through His suffering.

And all of the sadness in this world that clings to the hearts of the children of God. One day it will all be gone and never exist again. Praise God.

I say we need to cling to the Lord your God now ~ for the ride of our life… for this world will soon be passed away and only love remains.

How do we make our decisions now that we are “born again” into the life of Kingdom living? How do we navigate the choices that we use to make based on logic or “feeling”? God tells us that as children of the Living God, we are to walk by faith and not by sight. We are to walk based on trusting what God says and not by what we see.

Doesn’t that seem crazy? Yes it does seem crazy to” the logic of the world” because we walk by the Spirit and understand by the Spirit which will sometimes appear as foolishness to the man who is without the Spirit and cannot discern in the Spirit.

Nevertheless we are called upon to walk by faith. Wow…and what an experience this is when you really put this into motion. God provides for His children, I am learning that God provides but doesn’t usually expect us to sit at home waiting for His provision to land on our doorstep. No, ….He says “Walk in my way and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free”…yes. I want to continue to “Know His truth” so I will continue to walk in His way in all things. This is my desire, my inspiration my passion, to walk in His way and walk it out through the end. It is on this path while we are walking that God provides. I know there is a time to wait and there is a time to walk, but weither we are waiting on the Lord or walking in the things that God lays in our lap one thing is the same that we are to stay in His Light, His way, His will, His joy,His spirit and most precious of all….His Love.

This is what Victory in Christ Jesus is all about. It is staying the course walking in His way all the way through and when you fall, you are forgiven and you get back on the lighted path that God has for you.

It is running the race, staying the course THAT is the VICTORY….it is not the specific situation that is at hand…it is, STAYING THE COURSE, STAYING IN THE WORD, OBEYING GOD, WALKING IN THE LIGHT, WALKING IN HIS WAY,WALKING IN HIS LOVE… again THIS IS THE VICTORY IN CHRIST JESUS……THE VICTORY IS WALKING IN THE WAY THAT WE ARE CALLED TO WALK IN CHRIST JESUS…….not the “situation at hand” not the results.

First we pray. Then we make sure that what we decide to do is right on with the word of God, for this is the very same word that became flesh and walked among. So we make sure that we are thinking in a way that is scriptural and behaving in a way that is pleasing to God. We, as born again Christians, seek scripture diligently for the truth.

We pray regularly, actually God tells us to pray unceasingly….I want that God. I want to be “in” your spirit connected to “YOU” always. So If we are reading the scriptures and praying regularly we should know what to do right?

We have a spirit of thanksgiving and worship God often in this spirit of true thanksgiving. This is a state of being. We are always thankful for what God has done for us, we all have the memories of the good that God has done in our lives. If we are not bubbling up with thankfulness and praise for our Father in Heaven…then we need to ask for prayer from a Pastor or a trusted friend or friends in Christ Jesus. If you do not feel the thankfulness in your heart we need God to restore that to give you the fullness of the Joy of Christ. And then of course it is the joy that gives us strength in the Lord…

If you are in the Lord and you are joyful, who knows the capacity of the strength that comes from this place. I believe we should never underestimate the power of the joy of the Lord…I believe it makes the demons tremble because it is in your joy that fear is so so so far away. When fear is so so so far away it has no power on us. Praise God.

So we all are beginning with this huge and wonderful gift that has been set in front of us. Shall we put it in the back of the closet for another day, another time, or do we open it and experience this thing called LIFE to the fullest? Do we begin again, with new eyes…to enjoy this life in it’s fullness through the eyes of Christ? I vote: Begin Again.

All Things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called together for His purpose. amen.

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Your post abounds with love and compassion straight from the heart, just the way God wants you to be.

hee hee

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