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prayer list for me please

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I everyone I am just asking that everyone stand in agreement with me on these prayer request....('praying')

That I get a good job where I can support myself(':goodjob:')

That I do good in college and it is light and easy('thinking')('type')

That I not fall into any temptation ('Censored')(':oops:')(':getthee:')

That I stand strong in my faith and in the Word of God(':glory:')

That I don't have anymore fears or anxiety over certain things ('hiding')(':titanic:')

That God continues to shower me with His mercy and blessings ( I also pray this for everyone here also)('praiseGod')('Amen')

Thank you so much everyone it means so much to me that I found a real place where I can come and talk freely about God and the things in life and everyone is so open and understanding. Thank you all!

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