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  1. Philippians 4:6 Hope this blesses you!
  2. Suzette, Welcome!! I believe that Cholette said everything so correctly and so beautiful that I really don't now where I could add my two cents but I just wanted to let you know that God loves you very much, and NO the way these wrong people are getting the rewards is not the way God works, because God only rewards the righteous and just. I worked in a place where I was being verbally abused and way under paid, I left that Job and filed a complaint with the government, and they have yet to follow up with me, So I took my complaint to the Highest power and in HIS word He told me this verse which I practically say every day and I stand in faith and believe in the promises of God. It's in Proverbs 13:22,...the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just... and here are some other verses you might want to look at Psalms 10:12-18, and Isiah 48:22. I hope that these help and bless you! I will keep you in Prayer and Please keep writing and posting! Never give up on God because He never fails!
  3. I everyone I am just asking that everyone stand in agreement with me on these prayer request....('') That I get a good job where I can support myself('') That I do good in college and it is light and easy('')('') That I not fall into any temptation ('')('')('') That I stand strong in my faith and in the Word of God('') That I don't have anymore fears or anxiety over certain things ('')('') That God continues to shower me with His mercy and blessings ( I also pray this for everyone here also)('')('') Thank you so much everyone it means so much to me that I found a real place where I can come and talk freely about God and the things in life and everyone is so open and understanding. Thank you all!
  4. its ok Daphnanie as long as you got it! and yes ja1721 i saw that picture also, very cute.
  5. You did what you had to do and if you have fully forgiven this person then let go and let God, the only thing you can do now is just pray for them and have faith that God will care for them. The ball is in their court now.
  6. Just like how David danced for God. Its a praise from your head to toe! 2 Sam. 6:14, Psalms 30:11
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