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Linda Irish


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With all of my heart, I believe God is moving His people to depend on Him alone, not in the world system. Yes, because of sin man must work to make an income in this world, and women give birthto their children in pain.

But we all have taken our eyes off of the living God,to some degree, as our full and entire provider. I didn’t think that I was doing that, but so I was and am still learning….it is a fully dependant child that is empowered in Christ Jesus…….. not an independent one. It is a changing of the mind set from the “world way” to “The Way”. It is a changing of the mind set from “the God of logic” to “God of the universe” from fear to faith… to be in this place ~ this spiritual place of ~the Kingdom of God~ the place that we go from from glory to glory

Yesterday, I asked God what do you want today Lord ? And God told me that I was not to let fear control me, but the Holy Spirit alone. I thought, wow that will be great, yeah, I can do that. But I had company coming over and needed to spend the day preparing my home ( it looked like a bomb hit it ...lol) so the first thing that happen.. I walk into the living room and see my Christmas sitting there ~like it was Christmas or something...and I think "OMG>>>Ive got to take the Christmas tree down or they will think I am a slacker for sure!"...then the Holy Spirit stops me, and I realize bam, Ive been hit by fear...fear of man's judgement against me, to be more precise, "Oh no....I say to myself, I am not taking that tree down, I will use it as a way to demonstrate how God is teaching me not to allow fear to be a puppeteer over me!!!"

Then I move on to wash the dishes and part way through I turn around to glance at the clock and think, "Ok Linda, 45 minutes in here and then you can move on to clean the next room" and again, the Holy Spirit grabs my attention, If I am making my own law, rules, list criteria....etc..than I am not allowing the Spirit to be in charge...wow...what a revelation to me. I have made lists everyday of my adult life for forever, (now this is what God is doing in MY life, may not be relevant in yours, the list thing) so I take off my wrist watch and I tell God, I will try not to look at the clock today, (because today this day God is teaching me to walk in the spirit moment by moment) and a couple of hours pass, and I had a couple more episodes of fear on me that the Holy Spirit led me to repent of ~ but each time I felt led to identify the fear, follow it through, (for example, wow what if I dont finish cleaning and I feel ashamed?) answer: If this happens Linda, you will have an annointed story in the Lord to share with others ~ and you will have had victory in Christ Jesus today, for God has shown me that VICTORY IN CHRIST.....is not about the end of the story, (such as " a clean and spotless house" no, VICTORY IN CHRIST IS THAT YOU HAVE STAYED IN THE LIGHT as you walk in what you must walk in today .......all the way through until the end. This is the place where miracles flourish.

It is such a challenge to give give give it my all minute by minute for a refreshing change ~ as Christ would have us give, truly, according to faith and not by sight. It is high adventure in Christ Jesus….and God is faithful to lead us through this door if we are willing…….

So, God, what do you want me to do today?

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Hi Linda,

As I finished reading, God reminded me of this verse....

Lk 16:10 He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.

Amen to your post!!!

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