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Dream manifested- Praise the Lord for Daph and Mia!

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Daph, praise the Lord for your gift!! A few weeks after that snake dream, my 3 year old nephew had some tests done and my sister in law called me for advice( I'm in healthcare) and I told her there was something wrong with his kidneys( actually the Lord gave me the diagnosis but he didn't have any symptoms at the time). Well, they didn't take it seriously, so 2 months later, he develops the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome, and is being treated and praise the Lord, is recovering well, and I pray he will be cured in the name of Jesus! So your interpretation was completely accurate and I praise the Lord for this website and this ministry! I have been reading it non-stop! I have been trying to live in the Spirit, and I think the Lord has blessed me with the gift of prophecy but it only happens when I'm speaking in tongues, suddenly intelligible phrases come out, as if He is speaking.. Only a few words though..like Do no fear, I am the Lord of Hosts,or Patience, I will be with you..but is like He wants to answer my prayers right then versus prophecy about the future.. What do you think

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