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Some miraculous facts about Esther

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I've just been reading up on Esther, as Esther is one of my favourite books in the Bible, as its action packed, has a rags to riches story, and gives us men insight into the mind of a beautiful woman, and it tells the amazing story of a young Jewish girl, who rose from obscurity to become the wife of a King and the saviour of the Jewish people.

Esthers orginal name was Hadassah which means myrtle tree. Did you know that the myrtle tree symbolizes Jerusalem? Myrtle trees grow all around Jerusalem and they are decorated with green leaves and flowers.

Eventually Hadassah changed her name to Esther to hide her Jewish identity. Strongs hebrew dictionary defines Esther in hebrew as meaning, "Star" (http://strongsnumbers.com/hebrew/635.htm)

Here is an interesting fact about the Myrtle Tree. Myrtle Tree Flowers:"The Myrtle Tree has a STAR-like flower that has five petals and sepals, and numerous stamens. Petals usually are white." (wikipedia)

The flowers on the Myrtle Tree appear like "STARS."

Esther was the most beautiful virgin in 120 provinces.

There can be so much depth in a name.

"A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor is better than silver or gold." (Proverbs 22:1)

Just some thoughts to ponder on as you read the book of Esther which is a great read! God bless!

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:thanks: :yeahthat:

God was showing me drms about the book of Esther..
it's my fav book as well....

thanks for sharing :goodpost: this is good to know...

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Neat-O :-)

I love studying the word and finding stuff like that God is so good and so detailed!!! It doesn't matter how many times u read a story... there's always something new and beautiful to discover!!

Thanks for sharing that with us, way cool. :-)

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