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  1. I was reading a news article and felt particularly led to pray for the workers at the plant that are trying to repair reactor no.1 the main one causing the problems. reports are still sketchy at the moment... but the radioation level in the control room (designed to be safe for workers, even in the event of an emegency) had radiation levels 1,000 times what is normal... the report said it was not "immediately" harmful... :-\ I pray that the Lord would supernaturally heal and protect these workers as they put their lives on the line to save the lives of millions... thank you Lord for these precious men and women and all you are doing for them Lord God, for uncommon wisdom and revelation knowledge to swiftly repair this reactor.... thank you for healing and protecting their bodies. Father thank you for giving them great success as they work to repair the cooling system. Thank you for sending your angels and providing uncommon miracles in this matter. Father I am so thankful for our Japanese brothers and sisters in Japan and so thankful for all you are doing there. May your Glory be revealed as you and your heavenly angels work repairing the city, healing, saving, protecting, rescuing, comforting, guiding and directing people in the aftermath of this disaster. In Jesus mighty name I lift this prayer to you... and continue to pray for the many urgent needs in Japan... Amen.
  2. I know all of u are probably aware of the 8.9m earthquake in Japan yesterday. I just felt the need to post an urgent prayer request (though I am sure all of u are already praying) for the repair of the reactor and rescue of victims trapped or injured in the quake. http://www.google.com/crisisresponse/japanquake2011.html -the twitter feed @ the bottom really gives u a sense of the needs there. Love christi
  3. Hallelujah! So glad to hear they are home safe and sound. Thank you Jesus!!!!
  4. was it that guy who when he woke up the pastor was singing, "Oh what a friend we have in Jesus?" I find testimonies like that very encouraging as well. They remind me of the urgency of leading people to Christ. I've heard people tell of how they've heard the Holy Spirit say to them in their spirit's to share the Lord with a particular person while they were just out and going about their day. It may sound stupid and make you feel uncomfortable but you never know, that may be their last opportunity to trust in Jesus.
  5. Sirianta, Praise the Lord!!! Amen lady, I am so happy to hear that! I prayed these scriptures over my fiance over and over. They are helpful scriptures that have to do with everything that comes a long with the drinking. Here is the link if your interested: Scriptures for Alcoholics
  6. It really helps my Spirit a lot. I'm artsy fartsy and music has always been a passion of mine so when He speaks to me like that... using the poetry or art of others, it's so personal and beautiful, sometimes the timing is so impeccable that it brings me to tears. It's like He always finds a way to give me a shot of Faith when I am puttering out of steam, as if to say... I know... I know... I know you can't yet see what I've spoken... I know you've given it your all... I know it's been a long time... I know you feel like you've been hanging onto the edge of a cliff for over a year... but I'm still with you, I know you know that, but I just wanted to affirm my Love for you dear girl, I won't let you slip. :-) this one time it was almost like He made a mix tape for me haha... that was really amazing. The Lord is so good!!!!!
  7. Awh, Thanks Connie!!!!! I really appreciate it, God bless you :-)
  8. My pandora DJ Ok, u know how u can hit thumbs up etc... and Pandora will choose similar songs. I don't do that, I just let it go. I have a list of stations that goes everywhere from Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong to Gnarls Barkley and Coldplay. It's really random, and none of the artists are too similar. I will hit play on the "Quick Mix" option and it will be one song after the other talking about my situation and Jesus. It happens all the time. I Love Jesus, He's the best DJ ever. He's telling me to pray, "Heaven Hold's A place for those who pray hey hey hey" -lol- so I gotta go, just thought I'd share :-)
  9. Could you all please lift myself and family up in your prayers. Prayer that the Lord would continue to work in the hearts of my parents and that they would yield more to Him and come into a closer relationship with Him. That they would continue to grow in Him. That my dad would get a job and begin to be more financially relatistic and responsible. Prayer that the Lord would restore all that was stolen from me & my fiance that we would recover all, financially, educationally, relationally, spiritually, and emotionally. That every hindrance, every stronghold, every plan or attack the enemy has to try and prevent us from walking into all that the Lord has for us to be and do would be defeated, that the door would open to a new season. That He would expose those plans openly in his Light of truth, wherever they may be and whoever may be carrying them out. That He would protect us in every sense of that word as we walk in the restoration/recovery that He gives with grace, a wise and hearing heart, a willing and obedient heart. With boldness, confidence in His love and likeness. That He would help us to see things as He does instead of from the perspective of the past. That we would let go of all that holds us back from walking in the fullness of His presence and His good and perfect will for us. That we would find grace in his sight to transition smoothly and safely from the old and into the new. Thanks guys.... it's been a VERY VERY rough last couple of years. Very trying but I believe the season has changed and realllllllllllllllyyyyy need prayer to walk in the light of that. Thank you all so much, you guys have no idea how much your prayers mean to me.
  10. I've been struggling to really understand what this means. The Lord showed it to me over and over again last Nov-dec and as recently as a few weeks ago. "From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it." I studied it out in it's context and in the other gospels but I still don't really think I get it. I've heard many interpretations of it, read the commentaries. I'm pretty sure I get what the Lord was speaking to me personally, prophetically at the time. but I am just wondering how you guys read this scripture as is? What I got tripped up on in peoples interpretation of it was the UNTIL NOW part. People were applying it as though we are to be forceful with our faith, but I don't know if that's right because of the scriptures following it and preceding it. It seemed to me to imply that NOW Jesus is here... because He is referring to John the Baptist, He's complimenting John very highly by saying that among those born of women there is none greater, but that he who is the least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than He. Forgive me because it's been awhile since I was pondering this scripture, but what are yall's insights?
  11. that's one of the reasons I love to see the fulfillment of OT scriptures in the NT. It helps me to understand how the new covenant we have through Christ is walked out. Thanks for asking Sirianta, and thanks for replying Linda :-)
  12. Neat-O :-) I love studying the word and finding stuff like that God is so good and so detailed!!! It doesn't matter how many times u read a story... there's always something new and beautiful to discover!! Thanks for sharing that with us, way cool. :-)
  13. Father, I come into agreement with all the prayers sister, and my brothers and sisters have prayed/continue to pray for her. Lord I thank you for lifting her spirits and giving her strength as she follows you to find that Job you've already got for her out there. Lord Jesus, I thank you that you are our provider. Father I ask that you guide her into the new Job that is already out there somewhere waiting for her. Father I ask that you grant her favor in the sight of those who interview her. Jesus I thank you for hearing our prayers and granting our petitions in Jesus mighty name I ask and pray, Amen!!
  14. Father, I agree with the prayers my brothers and sisters have lifted to you on behalf of D ask for their manifestation here on earth as it is in Heaven. You are an on-time God and I thank you for providing D with the Job you've already got out there for him. Father, I pray for the person who will hire him that he will find grace and favor in their sight. Lord I thank you for all that you've done, all that your doing and all that you continue to do in this your Childs life. Thank you so much Father for hearing our prayers and granting us these petitions to the glory of our Lord and savior Christ Jesus, Amen!
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