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I know all of u are probably aware of the 8.9m earthquake in Japan yesterday.

I just felt the need to post an urgent prayer request (though I am sure all of u are already praying) for the repair of the reactor and rescue of victims trapped or injured in the quake.

-the twitter feed @ the bottom really gives u a sense of the needs there.


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I was reading a news article and felt particularly led to pray for the workers at the plant that are trying to repair reactor no.1 the main one causing the problems. reports are still sketchy at the moment... but the radioation level in the control room (designed to be safe for workers, even in the event of an emegency) had radiation levels 1,000 times what is normal... the report said it was not "immediately" harmful... :-\

I pray that the Lord would supernaturally heal and protect these workers as they put their lives on the line to save the lives of millions... thank you Lord for these precious men and women and all you are doing for them Lord God, for uncommon wisdom and revelation knowledge to swiftly repair this reactor.... thank you for healing and protecting their bodies. Father thank you for giving them great success as they work to repair the cooling system. Thank you for sending your angels and providing uncommon miracles in this matter. Father I am so thankful for our Japanese brothers and sisters in Japan and so thankful for all you are doing there. May your Glory be revealed as you and your heavenly angels work repairing the city, healing, saving, protecting, rescuing, comforting, guiding and directing people in the aftermath of this disaster. In Jesus mighty name I lift this prayer to you... and continue to pray for the many urgent needs in Japan... Amen.

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