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Jesus, Do you scratch? ...wika, wika?

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My pandora DJ

Ok, u know how u can hit thumbs up etc... and Pandora will choose similar songs. I don't do that, I just let it go. I have a list of stations that goes everywhere from Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong to Gnarls Barkley and Coldplay. It's really random, and none of the artists are too similar.

I will hit play on the "Quick Mix" option and it will be one song after the other talking about my situation and Jesus. It happens all the time. I Love Jesus, He's the best DJ ever.

He's telling me to pray, "Heaven Hold's A place for those who pray hey hey hey" -lol- so I gotta go, just thought I'd share :-)

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It really helps my Spirit a lot. I'm artsy fartsy and music has always been a passion of mine so when He speaks to me like that... using the poetry or art of others, it's so personal and beautiful, sometimes the timing is so impeccable that it brings me to tears.

It's like He always finds a way to give me a shot of Faith when I am puttering out of steam, as if to say... I know... I know... I know you can't yet see what I've spoken... I know you've given it your all... I know it's been a long time... I know you feel like you've been hanging onto the edge of a cliff for over a year... but I'm still with you, I know you know that, but I just wanted to affirm my Love for you dear girl, I won't let you slip. :-)

this one time it was almost like He made a mix tape for me haha... that was really amazing. The Lord is so good!!!!!

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