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Ok, God really cares about the little things

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Ok, so my hubby got a new promotion...praise God. The hours are a little challenging though...especially with little kids. He is required to work many weekends, and is now on the night shift. I know Halloween is a little contraversial, but we do let our kids dress up (in non scary costumes). It has always been a fun thing to have my hubby go with us for trick or treating..but since it is a new promotion he wanted to save requesting days off for Christmas eve, and the day before thanksgiving instead of halloween. I was kind of pouty about it. But I brought it to the Lord, and I prayed. I know it may seem like a silly request, with all the more important things that are going on in the world. I was hoping they would automatically schedule him off knowing he has little kiddos. His schedule came up and he was scheduled to work. I was so bummed. sigh But I determined in my heart to make it the best case scenerio for the kids sake. So we were planning on going without him. Well a few days ago...a person who is a supervisor over my husband approached HIM and asked if he wanted to switch days with him since his kids are grown!!!! I was so shocked!!! I actually started to cry! Not so much that Halloween is a big deal, but because MY little request actually meant something to God...that he would move on the supervisors heart to ask my hubby to switch days!!!! I felt in that moment, that if something is important to me...then it means something to God!!!! woo hoo

Here is the kicker. Today I was taking the kids to another event, and my hubby had to work. My daughter NEVER is sad when my hubby is going to work...but today she started crying when he had to leave. She really wanted him to go to this event that has been kind of a fall tradition to us. NOW KEEP IN MIND IN ALL THE YEARS MY HUBBY HAS HAD TO WORK FOR THIS COMPANY...THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED!!!! His car was warming up...and he kissed us all goodbye...and literally as he was walking out the door to leave for work he got another call from his superior asking if he wanted to have an EXTRA day off today!!!! I guess the manager misread the schedule, and showed up when he didn't need to be there! I am just blown away by how much God cares about the little things that matter to us!!!! We serve such an awesome, loving God!!! :hooray:

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