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Please pray around a dream I had that may be about to manifest

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Hi Everyone,
I had a dream about 2 weeks ago or so about a woman that I hired to decorate a room in my house. In the dream I hired her to decorate the room but did not discuss with her what kind of style I wanted. Instead I judged by the way she was dressed and carried herself that I could trust her to decorate it in a way I would like. In the end of the dream I looked at the room and she had decorated it like halloween, with jack-o-lanterns, black and orange, etc. There was a coffee table made out of twigs in the end of the dream.

What I ask prayers for is that there would be no "craftiness" in this meeting and if there is that whoever is in the room could discern it. That there would not be any ungodliness or perceptions brought about by craftiness or manipulation or misunderstandings. But that God would be in the conversation ruling it.

I have had so many negative & divisive things happen in relationships with the church...often being misunderstood and not given a fair chance. Maybe pray that the leadership would ask to speak with me about it.

Thank you so much for your prayers.

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