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ABC's Before YOU Post

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Hello! And welcome to ABC's Before YOU Post! Now you might be wondering..How do you play? Well it's pretty simple.

Players take turns saying the alphabet. But if the letter the person said is the same letter as the start of their username you reset the alphabet and start with A again.

Here's a example:
Happy: A
Pokemon1990s: B
Cool Guy: C EDIT: Opps! Reset D:

Wrong Example:
Hello: A
Cat Guy: B Reset!
(Which makes no sense)

To make it a bit more intresting after you complete the alphabet one time when you start on A again it will become 2A and if you complete it again 3A.. And on and on.

You may be wondering what about the people with numbers at the start of thier name?
0 - 5 at the beggining: Can reset anytime during the first round. (A,B,C)
6 - 9 at the beggining: Can reset anytime on the second round (2A,2B,2C)
On the thrid round they're just regular players

1. Follow the letters IN ORDER
2. Follow PSFC rules
3. Don't post twice in a row

Good luck and have fun

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