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  1. Aww thats really cute I would love a puppy what looks like that
  2. oooohhh i love most of these items Roll on monday lol xx
  3. Congrats Lucky Strike Ill send the prize monday when the new items come out
  4. This math question is going to be closed tomorrow as i cant post the number generator result from my laptop. So that means theres still time to enter
  5. So far 7 entries and only 1 correct answer, i thought this was easy How about a clue?? The answer is only double figures......does that help at all he he GOOD LUCK AND KEEP TRYING
  6. PM Answer ONLY to CLAIR A BELL 952 ÷ 4 + ? - 11 x 54 = 17172 Fill in the missing number Received Correct Answers From: Lea75 Nymph Ursula CharlotteLouise widuri Lucky Strike Received Incorrect Answers From(Please try again): Yellownancy Tsukiko Fashionista Foxpoly
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