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Prayer for my niece, please!!

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Please pray for my niece. She is young, only eighteen, has gotten in with a really bad bunch of friends and now the girl who used to travel all over the United States winning Bible quiz competitions, smokes marijuana, drinks hard and has started proclaiming herself a lesbian. Her family lost a child to a hidden illness last year and dealing with her issues now is almost more than they can take. In prayer, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that she is a hurting child, and has felt cut off from her mother's affections for most of her life. The way the Holy Spirit showed it to me is that they both care for each other, but aren't able to show it in a way the other understands. I do believe that she is crying out through her actions, but the deeper she goes into this lifestyle, the harder it will be for her to get out.
Please agree with me for her deliverance from this lifestyle. I am asking God to break down the relationships she has with this crowd of friends and bring people she cared for and trusted in her past to be in the right place at the right time to minister to her. I have also been praying that God give her dreams in which she sees herself the way he created her to be and that it would plant a desire in her to be that person. Thank you all so much!!

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