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Upbeat community sharing the 'brighter' side of life. Forum is open for non members to post. thumb.gif.440a3910ef35619310b3df2f1ad7c626.gif

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  3. This is one of my all time favorites from Morecambe & Wise - unfortunately, this version of the sketch, which is actually a tribute to Andre Previn who died in February this year, has been edited quite a bit - but as I can no longer find the 'full' version on youtube I've had to make do with this one. However, I'm sure that anyone who saw the full version when it was aired on the show will remember it well. :)
  4. NanDee


    I used to sing this on Karaoke :)
  5. Another of the greatest oldies ever, beautifully sung. :)
  6. Another of my favorite singers and a great song :)
  7. Wow I'm surprised to hear that ! Their 'Two Ronnies' shows aired on our BBC 1 channel from April 1971 until December 1987 the shows format included their News Desk at the start and end of the show, sketches, solo sections, serial stories and musical finales.
  8. Before Matt Nelson had millions of online followers and subscribers, he was just a guy who loved dogs; three years later, he has used his love of canine companions to save the lives of dozens of pups. When Nelson was just a freshman in college, he started a “We Rate Dogs” Twitter account so he could post pictures of cute dogs and rate them on a 10/10 scale. That being said, Nelson has given every single dog on his channel a 10/10 rating – “because they’re all better than perfect.” “Dogs have always been a part of my life,” Nelson told GoFundMe. “When I was a bored college freshman and wanted to start a new thing, I knew that most people shared this love of dogs with me, so why not create an account that embraced that?” Since starting with several thousand followers, his Twitter account has accumulated 8 million subscribers. Some people might settle for internet fame, but as Nelson became more and more familiar with canine friends, he found an opportunity to use his passion project for good. Full Story / Pics
  9. Smokers who are trying to quit may not always have to reach for a piece of nicotine gum to stave off a craving. Deliberately inhaling a pleasant aroma may be enough to reduce the urge to light up, at least temporarily, and could be used as part of an effective smoking cessation strategy. “Despite disappointing relapse rates, there have been few new approaches to smoking cessation in general and to craving relief in particular,” said lead author Michael Sayette, PhD, of the University of Pittsburgh. “Using pleasant odors to disrupt smoking routines would offer a distinct and novel method for reducing cravings, and our results to this end are promising.” The research, which was conducted by the American Psychological Association, was published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology. Full Story
  10. I watch many British comedies on PBS (United States). I never heard of this one.
  11. This classic sketch from one of my favorite comedy duo's has got to be one of their funniest. It's certainly the one that always comes to my mind when I think of them. If you are a fan - share your favorite sketch below :)
  12. I've been making some changes to the forum today. Community Hub is now called The Media Lounge. 'The Chat Bar has now been moved to The Leisure Lounge Home page icons have all been changed. The forum is now completely open for guests to post. There may be some further changes over next few days.
  13. Earlier
  14. I have decided - on a trial basis - to allow non members to reply to topics in 2 sections of my forum. If all goes well ( i.e no problem posters ) this will be made permanent. :)
  15. Dear Friends, It seems the news media thrive on the 'worst' of human nature - seeking mainly to report on the stories that will shock and outrage those who hear/read about them. Indeed, it would appear that the media believe their audience also 'thrive' on the daily ration of doom and gloom served up to them. While it is true though that there is much in the world that casts a shadow, it's only one half of the story - the other half is what this forum is all about. Life - Sunny Side Up offers an 'alternative' daily ration of news stories that will uplift us, inspire us and restore our faith in humanity. In addition, we can enjoy the beauty of nature and the wonderful animal kingdom. We also have 'leisure time' topics, daily chit-chat and other odds'n'ends, please feel free to join in - or add something of your own. Because of the 'upbeat' nature of L.S.S.U, there are no 'controversial' type topics here, such as politics/religion, but it's hoped that they won't be missed :)Thank you for dropping by and I hope you will enjoy your visit - Nan
  16. NanDee


    Because of the upbeat nature of this forum and the absence of the usually controversial type topics, I would like to think that a long list of 'Do Not Rules' are not needed - so the few below should cover everything :) Please treat others with the same respect and courtesy that you would expect to receive yourself. No foul language / racism / hate speech or other offensive comments. No spamming, trolling or other disruptive behavior. Please ensure that articles/images you post are within copyright laws. If in doubt just post a link to.
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