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  1. PSFC and PSC have the Spoilers, right here! With all the items that weren't released on shops this week! *Hey we are working in a research, if works, soon we will show the spoilers in a video, in shops, like the ones in PSN!*
  2. Ummm, the bed and the similar to santa's one thing (XD) in what asset was?
  3. THey are for snowmans that you will have to buy the next week, like scarfs and hats! (I guess )
  4. Good, I started to play piano last year around may, and now, I have to play on the graduations on my school! ^_^
  5. Well, it's good that you are following some kind of art, personally I love the music and painting ^_^
  6. Cool, I wasn't able to get focuse on more than 1 intsrument! Well, I have taletns for the Piano, a little of singing, not right now, I'm changing my voice (It's Horrible I can't reach high tones!) Drawing (when i want to) and maybe a little of writting, I almost never finish the stories!
  7. No one can play the pro races, for now, and if that person does, is because [s]he has the shorts and they can't be bought right now.
  8. Guys, this girl is so awesome! For me (a piano player), play like this means like 25 years of playing! And I'm just 13!!
  9. Ok, hope that I'm allowed to do this ^^. THere I and some mods or staff from PSFC can post the changes that makes our sites conected ^^. Why? I'm doing this so everyone can check Step-By-Step every little change between our websites ^_^ I will start with this! PSFC added to our main menu in PSC side ^_^ What does this mean? This means that now you can acces to this forum via PSC! Go and try it! Pet Society Club
  10. Yes, but I'm not very friendly with this forum, and I don't know why, ohh I just remembered that song, I love it, well, I will start to be a little more active here ^_^
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