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  1. I like the blonde wig, and the ponds, but most of the hippy era stuff I can do without. I didn't appreciate those colours back when I was a child and they were in, and I appreciate them even less now. :negative:
  2. I really love some of these items, especially the toys, the coffee or hot chocolate, and the cast Iron stove. Some of the New Years stuff is over the top, but things like the champagne and glasses can be worked into MoMo's current decor. Can't wait to play -- decorating the rooms is the best part of the game.
  3. I love the wings, the sleigh, and the foodstuffs, but all that gingerbread really turns me off. This is the first time in a long time that I'm not going to have to pick and choose with a care to the number of coins I have. I'll actually have coins to buy small items for my neighbours without fear of running out.
  4. Oh my, it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas :dancing: Now what can I spend my few coins on. I really love the plushies. Those are must haves. I wonder how much the Christmas ornaments are going to be this week. My tree could definitely use a few more. Is that perhaps a snow making machine up top?
  5. Siggghhhh.... and me with barely any coins. I so wanted a snowman for my winter room, but if this is how you get the pieces the price is too dear for me. Last week broke me and I haven't had much luck with the lottery. Anyhow, good luck getting some wonderful snowmen for those who can afford the pieces. : :friends:
  6. What a gorgeous room, congratulations on winning.
  7. I am really, really spending too many coins But lately there have been so many must have items and this week is no exception. :biggrin: :
  8. Boy am I glad that I saved my coins this week -- didn't like the Tiki style stuff so didn't spend very much. I definitely see a few things I would love to have from this lot -- the swing, the cake stand, the cup cakes -- let's hope that it's not all in the Cash store.
  9. I love the new doll, and the dark wood furniture -- antique country style -- awesome. Just hope that they don't all come out at the same time, and they aren't in the cash store. Time to start saving -- again.
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