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Everything posted by crohunter

  1. i dont play PS but i will come here every day to chat with you. SMOTO LOVES YOU ALL. HE IS SO UNHAPPY alone
  2. im not coming back just wanted to say hello to all. did you know that im the founder of BAC
  3. hy everyone,anyone remember me. I see that you have a new site look it looks really cool. Just wanted to post here after a long time. be happy dont worry Crohunter
  4. i want only to see the new garden.
  5. Im the moderator here. if i want i can delete them, but they will stay locked
  6. lol im the one who looks them, i can delete them.
  7. Hi all,what do you thin about my new siggy
  8. Thank you fit for the siggy and avi. now going to put it on my profile
  9. ok then will make a giveaway in the BAC. is my siggy finished
  10. no its a gift for you from the BAC. dont send them back
  11. fit did you recived the bombard package......lol
  12. ok... did anyone saw,our siggy is now on the frond page of the forum
  13. Pet's Name: smoto Pet's Sex: male theme: smoto king of BAC,make him like a king and something like the BAC siggy. Items/wordings (if any): King of BAC [img][/img]
  14. copy and paste this code into your profile options Code:[img]http://i89.servimg.com/u/f89/13/79/05/05/bacclu10.png[/img]
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