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  1. 1. Fringe 8) 2. The Vampire Diaries 3. Gossip Girl 4. Chuck 5. Bones
  2. I loved it! I really love the part of Alice's vision of Bella already one of them :p Kwop kilawtley
  3. WTB eternal white wings for 4x4999
  4. skybluefairy

    close please

    still have festive party dress set for sale dear?
  5. skybluefairy

    close please

    hello dear, do you still have festive party dress set for sale?
  6. 104 Nice one I've sent an f/r to send gmbs 110 f/r accepted dear, thank you
  7. 100 It’s been almost a century that Edward’s been alone. Now he’s found you. You can’t see the changes that we see, we who have been with him for so long. Do you think any of us want to look into his eyes for the next hundred years if he loses you? Alice Cullen, Twilight, Chapter 20, p.410
  8. Let's start the New Moon count down :59: :59: :59:
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