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  1. Pkv8kgU.jpg

    Creator:  PaJaS30
    Credits: Original coding by Thom, original model by Ulquiorra
    Requires: ZT2 MM,  variant selector script
    Language: English
    Bugs: None



    Hi all, the Butterfly Koi are ready for your ponds. Including 2 model variants and 15 skin variants (except of 2 the skin variants are the same like by the Koi).



  2. 11 hours ago, Dylan Hooton said:

    Can you make separated downloads for those who want only certain animals and stuff please?

    Is there a reason why you can not do it yourself?

  3. 8efMTxP.jpg
    Creator(s): Ulquiorra
    Original Creator(s): Deep Silver, Sam
    Language(s): English
    Expansions Required : ES, AA, EA, Lgcfm's variant script.
    Bugs (if any): Some distortion in the legs.
    Credits (if any): Deep Silver (original creators of the model and skin), Sam ( importing from WLP2)
    Description (Optional): An updated version of a WWB style Macrauchenia, originally made for WLP2. Also comes with a lower browseholder, which can be used by some other animals.
    Number of Variants (if any): 8

    Public Domain? Yes
    Permission to Reupload ? Yes
    Original Model? No
    Original Sounds? Yes
    Baby Variants? No
    Baby Model? Yes
    Zoopedia? Yes


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