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  1. On 3/11/2023 at 12:11 AM, SLGray said:

    Since no one has claimed it yet, I will create a game to reward the first correct answer.

    Game:  Birds are the only living descendants of __________.

    The answer was dinosaurs.

    Here is a new question:  _____  _____ are defined as the nearest common ancestor of all living tetrapods (amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals) along with all of the descendants of that ancestor.




  2. 7stzUCf.png

    General Information:

    Creator: Thom (rigging) & BuffZoo (coding & icons)
    Credits: Models and skins by Animal Crossing New Horizon and IrritatingFish
    Expansions Required: MM
    Language:  English
    Bugs: -

    Extra Information:
    Description: This pack contains 34 fish: African Tigerfish, Blue Girdled Angelfish, Batangas Groppo, Banded Basslet, Pacific Beardfish, Banded Bellowsfish, Largemouth Bass, Common Bluestripe Snapper, Saddle Butterflyfish, Japanese Eel, Dark ghostshark, Goonch, Elephant Ear Gourami, African Wedgefish, Lovely Hatchetfish, King-of-the-salmon, Longnose 
    Lancetfish, Prickly Lanternfish, South American Lungfish, Manyspot Filefish, Abbott's Moray Eel, Chambered Nautilus, Atlantic Needlefish, Giant oarfish, Bigeye Opah, Pennant Coralfish, Piraiba, Porcupinefish, Japanese Puffer, Sea Toad, Tribute Spiderfish, Smallspine Spookfish. Adriatic Sturgeon, Pacific Viperfish

    Bonus Features:
    Public Domain? X
    Permission to re-upload? X
    Original Models? X
    Zoopedia? ✓


  3. Designer:  PaJaS30


    Hi guys, the "waterfall / flowing water" pack is finished. Please note that this pack does not replace the original waterfall in the game, but it does give you some options to create better looking waterfalls or flowing parts of water. You will find there various waterfall / flowing water decals in different sizes and directions. Unfortunately the diagonal ones have only one size. If I will be able to fix the size x direction issue I will update the pack later. You can also add a waterfall / water sound by using the smallest water spray from the pack. But do not place many of them at once, otherwise they will create a strange noisy echo. One last tip. You will get better results with darker water. Enjoy

    Credits: RR water texture by AD, icons text coding by Summjoke
    Requires: ZT2
    Language: English
    Bugs: (hopefully) None



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