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  1. Holidayy! i love it! Chubbs & hannabannanna rooms are nice too
  2. congraats holiday! your rooms is very nice! i agree, many beautiful entries for the wizard theme
  3. wihiii! congraats coffee latte :biggrin: :
  4. all is very nicee! Esperia's is soo refreshing! and coffe latte jasmines on the window look so nice!
  5. hi.. this is my INDONESIAN room This room is inspired by Raja Ampat, a fantastic diving spot in West Papua (the home of the Cendrawasih bird! ) Photos of Raja Ampat by Ethan Daniels Hope you like it & hope you will visit Indonesia too .
  6. looking nicee lithiumkat! add more purple furniture! (i dont think that'll be easy )
  7. hi Lorie! i just sent FR.. enjoy the forum! and play PS
  8. berhala

    Thank You Thread!!

    I want to thank PSFC for this wonderful tips: Change the contents of a Mystery Box This is a bit more tricky to do. Follow these steps to never over spend on mystery boxes again (please note that this can be time consuming!). 1. Buy a RMB, BMB or GMB from the Mystery Shop. 2. Gift this Mystery Box to any of your friends, but ask them when they have recived the mystery box to return it to you. 3. When you get the mystery box back open the mystery box as normal. 4. If you like the item click "OK" however if you do not want the item DO NOT click OK, instead leave the "Mystery Box Revealed...." box is on the screen and click "Refresh" in your browser. 5. Once you have re-freshed your browser and re-loaded Pet Society you will notice the Mystery box back in your chest, go in and open it again, it should be a different item than last time, simply follow these steps over and over again until you get what your looking for!
  9. berhala

    dog problem

    the first time i saw a dog, i was affraid to steal hihihih but after i know they dont do anything, i just dont care anymore huhihihi
  10. berhala


    Questions correct: 5 / 10 You took 193 seconds to complete this quiz. Total score: 307 huhihihihi
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