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  1. does anyone know if the deer plushie promotion is still going on? i just bought cash coins and i didn't get my deer plushie ps - sorry im new and if there is another post about this just give me the link .. im having trouble navigating the forum for some reason
  2. cute kitchen very creative/funny blurbs too
  3. very creative! love the pink and beachy theme
  4. bedroom is so cute very creative... love the italian restaurant
  5. thanks! this is so helpful.. i always get the food quiz wrong ;(
  6. Fortunately, you really needed those new towels.
  7. She took another nose dive. VELVET
  8. and walked towards his home when he spotted ...
  9. i made a cupcake room! also made a fruit stand in my garden. some people on PS are so creative with their rooms.
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