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  1. i've been away for a while everyone. had to come back to see about the offline MI's. i'm gutted.........
  2. absolutely gutted. i had to sleep monday them left for work at 7.30 - also in the uk! by the time i got home from work at 5.00pm - all had gone. i thought they might release some every day ? very unfair on some time zones too. i have not bought the peter pan - because it's not giftable - and i don't really like it. but fancy making a gold teddy cost 5000 coins. it was going to sell out quick. i realise some people will want more than one - but have friends with 99. really unfair on those who couldn't get one. presuming these are not hacked as well ?
  3. i so love this - i cannot wait - much better than this weeks - however my daughter loved the sherrifs stuff
  4. wow - I cannot imagine - I wish you all the best and hope everything goes well. xxx
  5. yummy bunny

    PSFC cash!

    love the re-sizing thing. would be great if my mashed potatoes were not so big! lol
  6. i like some of these things -the masks, sheffifs stuff and new petling! yipee
  7. that's so sweet! I know hiddinni has appeared as my 6 year old always feels it's neccessary to inform me! - "mum found him again" but she can never remember his name
  8. love the items - but very confused if you mystery box is cc - i am presuming the items cannot be gifted. - but the items that came out before can be gifted - that very strange
  9. wow magnificant mystery box hope i've not already paid a fortune on trading for the items - lol! love the items - although some look scottish - not australian!
  10. yes - but do you think the ones they will choose to remove are the ones added the furthest time ago?
  11. i'm sorry if this has been discussed before - but they have said they will remove some mi's every week. do you think they will remove them in order of when they were put in the ones already removed seem to follow that pattern. when you need to sell some 999's for coins - it's difficult to know which to sell!
  12. yummy bunny

    Warning ....

    also i cannot understand why they have left some things in that went on clearance sale in the shops recently. does not make sense to me.
  13. yummy bunny

    Warning ....

    i had saved a few 999's - but sold them less than a week ago to pay for christmas. oh my!!!!
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