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  1. maxnod


    I just got a lottery ticket to win a Mediterranean cruise. Last weeks was a rollover!
  2. Me? You must be chuffing joking! It's awful out there! And I've had a Buck's Fizz
  3. reckon so dave he doesnt know,he had his eye on it for a while I cant see the money in it though I can't see the engine in it!!
  4. As Ogri would say: "God's Teeth !!" But if somebody is brave or daft enough, it might be an 'interesting' project
  5. Or daft You're not that far north compared to Inverness !
  6. Dave, Get down to A&E ! Get it X-rayed and sorted. When we meet, I'll tell you the story about my dad and his wrist when he was road racing in the late '50
  7. Yammy XV750 On Bike EXIF yesterday! I thought it was well tasty as well
  8. damn! just spent nearly an hour watching 70's pop vids on youtube might just go and have another peek!
  9. You could nip over to CMC at Clay Cross and join the ride down to Radio Derby in aid of 'Children in need'. Meet up from 10.30, depart at 12.00. £5 per bike. Free tea and coffee when you get to Derby
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