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  1. Can't make it tonight Dave.
  2. Not had a problem with wear on renthal sprockets....on my second rear renthal sprocket, first one lasted around 38-40,000mls. Only changed it because the chain was on its way out and wanted to renew everything at the same time. The sprocket was worn but still had loads of miles left in it. Second one is currently on around 10,000mls and showing no signs of wear. trev
  3. I think they had one in the Milestone of the Mountain parade lap yesterday on the tt course. Murry Walker did a fantastic job seeing the bikes off one by one and giving a potted history of the bikes and riders...you can listen to it again here. http://www.manxradio.com/listen.aspx A good listen for fans of the old bikes/riders of the tt. trev
  4. There was one at Matlock last week.....not sure about the styling, retro with modern forks (ohlins!)ect, it was a mixture of red/gold/black. Much prefer the single colour ones. The guy who presented the motorbike show on ITV4 this week has one. Heard the guy announce it on the Manx tt radio yesterday, they just missed developing a competitive bike for this years tt, but promised they will be at next years with a bike that will do the name justice. Trev
  5. Not sure tonight, if I do it not be until 8 ish. Trev
  6. There's an added bonus...when you do your tyre pressures again it smells lovely, the spray is a deodorant!
  7. Ahhh....thats the one Gaz, Ive got a copy somewhere, cheers. Andy (Hawki).... this is what we were on about yesterday...the first one is me breaking the bead on the tyre, the second is re-inflating it a bit quicker !! sorry for the hi-jack trev
  8. Good pics Andy.....Brill day all round, enjoyable walkabout and natter, bellyful of chips, ice cream and coffee ....and the sun came out! .....good ride back although it was getting nippy around Buxton....it is June isn't it?? Was expecting the cameras to be out on the road to Buxton, and we weren't disappointed.....a bit sobering going past the guy that had come off at the bottom of Via Gellia though, at least he looked ok. trev
  9. Should be ok for this one....was thinking about having a ride to the coast but not had any Matlock chips for a while and me waistline could do with a boost !! Greg, do you want to meet up and ride over ?? Trev
  10. Should be along around 7 ish.
  11. You're going to need more than them Dave
  12. Good ride out Dave, nice roads and the weather held off, although it was a trifle blustery at points Nice to meet a few other forum members and put faces to names. You ought to feel proud mate, not many folk could rustle up 13 bikes from all over the place for a rideout........(or was it the promise of bacon butties on arrival ) Nice one. Trev
  13. Yes Dave that's the one .... cheaper than mine as well.
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